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why do you want to work in canada

Congratulations on getting a Canadian Tire Interview. We all know interviews are stressful and competition is intense. However, with a small amount of preparation you can ace the Canadian Tire Interview. Here we will discuss how to successfully answer Canadian Tire Interview Questions. 1) What can you tell us about Canadian Tire? They offer products for everyday life to get the job done. They have 1,700 retail and gasoline outlets across the country. They were started in Toronto. About 90% of the Canadian population lives within a 15-minute commute of a Canadian Tire store. In 1958, they opened their first gas bar. They purchased the company Sport Chek. They also own owns Mark s. 2) Why do you want to work for Canadian Tire? If you are interested in business or retail say that you think a career at Canadian Tire will teach you a lot about retail. Tell them you enjoy working with customers. Tell them you are happy with the products you get from Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire has aPcharity called JumpStart. JumpStart invests in children whose parents cannot afford to enroll their children in sports and recreation programs. Say because of JumpStart you would be proud to work for them. 3) What do you see yourself doing in five years? There are many departments at Canadian Tire. These departments are automotive, living, fixing, sports, playing, apparel, and financial services.

If you have an interest in one of these departments say that you would be interested in working in one of these departments. The interviewer wants to see ambition so be prepared for this question. 4) How would you deal with an upset customer? P
If the customer was upset with the product I would see if they could exchange it (Tip! Be sure to learn the to prepare for this question). If the customer was upset because they cannot find a particular item I would find it for them. 5) Why should I hire you? I am a hard worker. Say you are a people person and will enjoy working with customers. Say you are punctual. 6) Are you good at Math? If they ask you this question than more than likely they want you to be a cashier. PIf you are good at math tell them. If you are not good at math tell them you don t have a problem with basic math. 7) Questions to ask at a Canadian Tire Interview? P What do you like best about working here? What are characteristics of your best employees? See also:P Congratulations on getting an Air Canada Interview. We all know interviews are stressful and competition is fierce. However, with a small amount of preparation, you can ace the Air Canada Interview 1) Tell us about yourself? Talk about your hobbies, previous work experience, and education.

Keep yourPexplanation brief and to the point. 2) What can you tell us about Air Canada? Air Canada is Canada s largest airline. Air Canada flew more customers than ever in 2014, with a passenger load factor of. Air Canada s corporate headquarters are in Montreal. Air Canada is the 15th largest airline in the world. Air Canada was the first airline in North America to offer smartphone apps for Blackberry and iPhone. Air Canada s loyalty program is called Aeroplan. Their low-cost carrier is Air Canada Rouge. Through Star Alliance customers can reach more than 1300 airports worldwide. Air Canada is considered one of. 3) Who is the CEO of Air Canada? P The CEO is Calin Rovinescu. 4) Why do you want to work for Air Canada? State you love aviation and you love working with people and you think a career at Air Canada will allow you to do both. State you would be proud to work for AC because of what the Air Canada Foundation does. The foundation is designed for customers to donate their Aero PlanPpoints to children and youth in need. Those points are used to provide free transportation services to children to and from hospitals. 5) What is your greatest strength? 6) What is your greatest weakness? Make sure your greatest weakness does not interfere with your ability to work at Air Canada.

State something like: I get caught up in my work I don t take enough personal time for myself. 7) How would you deal with an upset customer? I would find out what is wrong with the customer. If the flight was delayed I would explain why the flight was delayed and sympathize with them. If their luggage was lost I would do my best to locate it and help them find it. Mention that it is important to keep a customer happy as an unhappy customer will never return. 8) How do you define excellent customer service? Bags are delivered on time when the customer arrives. Flight attendants are friendly during check in and in the air. There is a knowledgeable staff at self-service kiosks. Assist parents with toddlers and give extra care to elderly. 9) Where do you see yourself in five years? There are lots of opportunities in Air Canada. Why not have a look at their and find a career you can see yourself doing in five years. This way it will sound like you have ambition and they won t be wasting their time training you. 10) Why should I hire you? I work hard, I am a quick learner, and I am punctual. Questions to ask in an Air Canada Interview? If offered the position is there any take-home material I can read? What type of advancement can your top employees receive? What do you like best about working at Air Canada? See Also:

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