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why do some people sweat more than others when exercising

You're trucking along on the treadmill and as you reach for a towel to wipe off the perspiration on your forehead, you can't help but notice the guy to the right who's sweating so much. It looks like he jumped in a river. Why is it that some people sweat like crazy and some are barely glistening? Sweating is the body's way of cooling itself off and maintaining a healthy temperature. You're born with. Women have more sweat glands than men, but men's glands are more active. How much you sweat depends on your gender, the number of sweat glands you have (more glands equal more sweat), how hot it is, how intensely you're exercising, or how anxious you feel. The amount a person sweats also depends on how many sweat glands are activated and how much sweat is excreted from each gland. It turns out that. The same amount of sweat glands might be activated, but women produce less sweat from each gland. Fit people sweat more efficiently by sweating sooner during workouts, when their body temperature is lower. However, a sedentary person working at the same intensity will heat up a lot faster and possibly sweat more. Also, overweight people sweat more profusely than normal-weight individuals because fat acts as an insulator that raises core temperature. Some things are in your control when it comes to sweating. If you're a coffee drinker, so if you're concerned, try cutting out that cup of joe. Drinking alcohol can have the same effect, so limit the cocktails.

Smokers may also sweat more since nicotine can affect your hormones, skin, and brain. Wearing synthetic fabrics that trap in heat will make you feel more hot, making you more sweaty, so go for more breathable fabrics. Unfortunately, some people suffer from excessive sweating, a common condition called hyperhidrosis. Their bodies' faucets turn on and their palms, feet, back, and face become covered in sweat, even if it's cold out or they're not moving. If this sounds familiar, consult your doctor to see what treatment options are available.
While working out in the gym, you ve probably observed that although both you and your friend started jogging on the treadmill at the same time, your friend is completely soaked in sweat, whereas you ve just started to warm up (a vice versa scenario is also quite likely). Why does that happen? Why do some people sweat so much more than others? Well, before we get to that, let s first try to understand why we sweat in the first place. Why do we sweat at all? Sweating is a very important physiological process of the human body, as it helps to regulate body temperature. When the ambient temperature is high, the moisture present on the body evaporates, which coolsPus off a bit. We tend to sweat frequently, such as while exercising or in stressful situations, namely when we feel threatened or anxious. Sweating is brought about by tiny sweat glands present on the skin all over the body.

Humans typically have around 2-4 million sweat glands at the time of their birth. Although women s skin consists of more sweat glands than men, men still tend to sweat more than women, as their sweat glands are more active, on average. Human sweat consists of 99% water and 1% salt and fat. We sweat roughly 1 liter per day. However, there can be a lot of variation in this quantity depending on a number of factors. As mentioned earlier, men sweat more than women, despite the latter having more sweat glands. Therefore, if you are a male, your comparison with the rate at which females sweat is baseless. The number of sweat glands varies from one individual to another. The effect this has is pretty obvious: more sweat glands equates to more sweat (within the same gender). If you have more sweat glands than your friend (who is of the same gender as you), then you re naturally going to sweat more. You ve likely observed that the more you exert yourself during a workout session, the more you sweat. The more intensely you engage in any physical activity, the sweatier you are going to get. This is actually the most obvious of them all the amount of ambient heat directly and most obviouslyPimpacts the amount of sweating for anyone. If you re in a hotter setting than your pal, then you will end up more drenched in sweat than them. While taking an examination, where you know the answers to all the questions, sweat-wise, you would be perfectly normal.

However, one of your friends, who did not study as thoroughly, may be drenched in sweat. Why does that happen? The more anxious, scared or worried you are, the more sweaty you shall be! It has been observed that fat/obese people sweat more frequentlyPthan their fitter counterparts, because excess body fat acts as an insulator that increases the core body temperature, making one feel hotterPand more inclined to sweat. If all the above conditions don t apply to you, i. e. the ambient temperature is cool, you feel perfectly calm, you are not working out, but rather just sitting in your comfy chair, listening to music, and yet you re still sweating a lot, then it s quite likely that you arePsuffering from a common condition of excessive perspiration called hyperhidrosis. This condition is generally observed in overweight/obese people with relatively sedentary lifestyles. However, it can be treated with proper medication and certainPlifestyle changes, such as cutting down on drinking alcoholic beverages, quitting smoking and reducing your caffeine consumption, and obviously Physical exercise, as statedPby virtually everyone with a brain in their head or a doctorate to their name, is helpful in many ways. One benefit of exercise is that itPmakes you feel less awkward in social settings at least from a sweaty standpoint!

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