why do some people have no acne

Teenagers rejoice, zit bacteria aren t all bad. New research finds the microbes that cause come in two flavors: the bad variety that causes pimples and the good type that may keep the skin glowing. The findings, detailed in the Feb. 28 issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, may explain why despite the fact that everyone s skin is crawling with zit bugs only one in five people develops acne in their lifetime. We hope to apply our findings to develop new strategies that stop blemishes before they start, said lead researcher Huiying Li of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Li added the findings would allow dermatologists to personalize acne treatment based on each patient s unique cocktail of skin bacteria. Though acne affects 80 percent of the population at some point in their lives, scientists have made little progress in new treatments, according to Li and colleagues. The current antibiotics out there don t work on the most severe cases of acne, while other types of treatment have adverse side effects. [
Nose bacteria In the study, Li and colleagues used pore-cleansing strips to collect, called, from the noses of about 100 volunteers, half of whom were pimply and the others clear-skinned. P. acnes lurks deep in skin pores, sometimes irritating the body s immune system to cause inflammation and the resulting red bumps we call pimples. From the nose samples, the researchers sequenced the genomes of 66 strains of P. acnes.

They were interested in the genes unique to each variety that might distinguish clear skin from pimply. Two unique strains of P. acnes appeared in one out of five volunteers with acne, but rarely occurred in clear-skinned people, said Dr. Noah Craft, a dermatologist and director of the Center for Immunotherapeutics Research at LA BioMed at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. Next came the surprise: a third strain that commonly showed up in volunteers with healthy skin but only rarely in those with pimples. We suspect that this strain contains a natural defense mechanism that enables it to recognize attackers and destroy them before they infect the bacterial cell, Li said in a statement. Zapping zits The researchers think that increasing the body s good strain of P. acnes, possibly in the form of a cream, may stop zits in their tracks. This P. acnes strain may protect the skin, much like yogurt s live bacteria help defend the gut from harmful bugs, Li said. Our next step will be to investigate whether a probiotic cream can block bad bacteria from invading the skin and prevent pimples before they start. Other has suggested benign viruses called bacteriophages that feed on bacteria and not human cells may do the trick. Scientists reported last year in the journal mBio they had found common, bacteriophages living on your skin could effectively kill P. acnes. Follow LiveScience on Twitter @livescience. We re also on Facebook Google+.

Hi I am struggling with acne I have had acne for a while but I managed to get rid of it by drinking water and just trying to stay healthy however for some odd reason it has come back after a very long time and I am very conserned and I just dont know what to do I feel like I've tried everything please could you help me thank you. Iam konke cekiso,this is a 3rd year since i suffered from acne,ihave been trying many products including Gotha Ostrich Oil Soap and Re-gen cream,but they did no make any changes,my face is even itching now,its painful,and now am desparate,am afraid to walk in public with my face like this,please good South Africans,help me I am a teenager and i have a lot of acne into my face. i want a help from someone who can give me a solution. my face is full of red spots and acne. they just go n come at regural intervals. Wat can i do???? Im a teenager and i have some acnes not to much but they are, the problem is that when they show-up, they doesnt move from there about 5-6 days. i dont wear make-up, i dont attakt them. soo whats the problem I get spots round my cheeks and near my mouth, i've been using 'Witch' every night and some mornings and it does help a lot Why do we get spots on our face and back? dont get them any place else? i have a few big red spots on my forehead cheeks and chin and blackheads on my nose, i have tryed freederm, clean & clear, and oxy gels but they do not work, i have also tryed 2 face scrubs and they dont work, i tryed leaning my head over the kettle when it has been boiled but it dont work, nothink works. please someone help me! i need to get rid of them,im scared people will take the mick out of me. i am now washing my face in the morning with clean & clear then washing my face at night with garnier skin naturals skin scrub but that dont work eaither! someone give me a solution that actualy works.

Ok so I got told that hot water can get rid of spots or ease them. so this week I started to splash hot water on my face mornings and evenings and it works well,It eases spots like stops the redness and it makes the blackheads pop out :). Try it for a week. I use Panoxyl Aquagel. it has helped me soooo much, and I highly recommend it. I went to my doctor and asked for it as my friend used to use it too and it helped her. Used once a night, i did have to wait about 2 weeks to see improvement but it does work, dont give up :D I started on strength 5 then went up to 10. The doc will be able to prescribe what level suits you :) I also found that if I put any gel on my hair and dont wash it off fully before i go to bed it makes my skin bad, as all the gel gets onto my pillows. This may not be the same with everyone but I thought it might help someone. :D Good Luck!! This information is very usefull and im glad i found this site! jus add some more medical gels or creams wich improve acne! thankyou bye

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