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why was eleanor roosevelt interested in the new deal

The New Deal public works projects helped restore and reform American lives. New Deal focused on lowering the unemployment rate and helping American's get jobs. The CCC produced lasting results with flood control, soil conservation and forestry programs. The WPA also helped provide jobs for the unemployed. The TVA reduced grazing on public land, to prevent another dust storm. The difference between receiving charity and being offered a job is that charity is often viewed as unearned. Being offered a job means that you have the skills and ability to help get yourself and your family out of poverty.
During his 12-year presidency, Roosevelt faced many challenges to his leadership and had many critics.

Opponents of the New Deal came from all parts of the political spectrum. Some conservatives thought he had made the federal government too large and too powerful and that it did not respect the rights of individuals and property, while some liberals thought he had not gone far enough to socialize the economy and eliminate inequality in America. Perhaps Roosevelt s biggest critic was Senator Huey Long of Louisiana. Long originally supported the New Deal, but he changed his mind and set hissights on replacing Roosevelt as president.

Long proposed for every American a home, food, clothes, and an education, among other things. In Europe, World War II started long before America entered it. To prevent Roosevelt from involving America in what some saw as a European war, Congress passed a series of Neutrality Acts to make it illegal to sell arms or make loans to nations at war. The fourth of these acts, passed in 1939 in recognition of the Nazi threat to Western Europe s democracies, permitted the sale of arms to nations at war on a cash and carry basis. This meant that buyers would have to pay cash and send their own ships to American ports to pick up the supplies, thereby keeping American ships from being sunk by the Germans.

The Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937, usually called the court-packing bill, was a law Roosevelt proposed to give presidents the power to appoint an extra Supreme Court justice for every sitting justice over the age of 70. Roosevelt planned to use this bill s powers to add more of his supporters to the Supreme Court to uphold his New Deal programs, but the version of the law passed by Congress weakened the power he desired.

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