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why does my armpit hurt when i touch it

Is there a lump in armpit epidemic emerging? br /
2 days ago i found a small lump inside my armpit that is painful when touched. Im a 29 year old man and last week i had wisdom teeth cut out. That was a surgical procedure including lots of anesthetic, cutting, grinding bone attached to tooth, stitches. Ive been taking forte more than regularly until yesterday. br / Im worried what could it be. 6 months ago i began a job that requires i read so I ve spent most days lying in bed or in a seated position.

In that time I ve gone from a raging 6 pack to a full bodied beer belly. Has my new unhealthy lifestyle givin me a death sentence or was it from surgery????

I get lumps in my armpits during the summer. I think they are kind of like pimples, grossly enough, and they arent always red. Sometimes they are just these LUMPS that hurt like you wouldnt believe. i have to hold my arm in a certain position or it hurts!! I think it is from my armpit being hot and sweaty.

What I do is put a warm compress on it to help the swelling go down, and use baby powder to keep the area as dry as I can. I THINK, although I'm not sure that if it was a lymph node it would be sort of under the skin, while some bumps are in/on your skin, if that makes sense.

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