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why was ed edd and eddy cancelled

17 Burning Questions We Still Have About 'Ed, Edd N' Eddy'
Buttered toast, indeed. From 1999 to 2009, one show captured our imagination more than any other in existence Б Б. Б Come on, admit it, you loved to watch the antics of these three similarly named kids as they tried to throw the rug over the eyes of all the kids in their neighborhoods. But while the cul-de-sac and its residents enthralled us back in the day, they also left us with a lot of weird questions that the show never answered. Like these, for example! EEnE, for those of you who don t know, was one of the most popular and longest running Original Cartoons on Cartoon Network. It aired for 11 years, had 6 seasons and a 90-minute movie. It revolved around The Ed s, three friends living in Peach Creek Estates, in a state of perpetual summer, with no adult supervision or any real worries. They spend their days by trying to scam their peers out of their money in order to buy the ever loved sweets, Jawbreakers, but they usually fail, landing in to all sorts of trouble. The entire show was very feel good, carefree and silly. It was basicaly everything we as kids wanted to do. Goof around in a state of perpetual summer, no worries to be had. Which is why it shocked me to realise just how messed up and depressing the original ending was.

And how similar it is to many Fan Theories. It was originally supposed to end with Season 4, but Cartoon Network ordered two more (the sixth season saw only two episodes, before it being cancelled and a movie made instead), leaving many fans depressed, confused and. happy at the same time. But mostly confused. In the final episode of the fourth season, Take This Ed and Shove It, Eddy (the scheming con artist of the group) decides to make a scam involving career counseling, as they all realised that the rest of the characters have grown and no longer fall for their scams. The scam works, and they get their jawbreakers, only to lose them and have them locked inside of a cupboard. As they try to open it, Eddy suffers a massive head injury. and the next scene we see him wake up. as an old man. Neither Edy nor the audience can believe it. He runs out of his room, bewildered and shocked, only to find out that every single other character has aged as well, and t is only he that find it strange. He learnes from his brainac companion, Double D, that they haven t been kids in over 90 years and that all of the episodes that we ve been seeing with them being young were just the fevered dreams of a sad, depressed old man, yearning to be young again.

Eddy still cannot believe it, and thinks that the locked Jawbreakers are the keys to his youth. But as they try to open it, the 90 year old cupboard crumbles into dust. Eddy, already mad with denial and fear, resorts to beating himself with his own cane, while screaming I M NOT OLD! I M NOT OLD! And then he wakes up, as a young kid again. It looks as if this was all a dream as well! He s not an old man, and hos friends have opened the cupboard, and they re all about to devour their Jawbreakers. Eddy picks his Jawbreaker and victoriously yells I don t ever wanna grow up!. and then he wakes up as an old man. AGAIN. It seems that this was a dream within a dream, and Eddy finally comes to the crippling realisation that he is indeed. old. He will never be young again, and his life is over. No more summer, no more scams, no more fun. just playing cribagge with his two old friends. The episode ends with The Ed s laughing at Eddy s insult to Ed (the bafoon of the trio) and as the screen zooms into Eddy s laughing face, he proclaims I still wish i was a kid. And then the episode ends.

And if the creator of the show had his way, this would ve been the ending of the series. Jesus. This was a massive change of tone, considering the feel good vibe of the rest of the show. It was just a startling transition from surreal slapstick humor, to themes of insanity, denial, old age, and the loss of youth. Isn t that just briliantly messed up, and also very similar to many Fan Theories? Revolving around the characters reality being simulated within a dream, as the means to cope with a brutal reality. Thankfully, the show was so popular, it ended having 5 seasons, two episodes of the sixth season and a movie, that tied everything together in a heartwarming package of nostalgia that put the show to rest. And even to this day, the episode still bugs me. Is it canon? Are the episodes after the Fourth Season still just Eddy s memories as an old man, dreaming of the youth he once had, of the youth that is now only open to him in his sad, lonely little dreams? The episode just doesn t fit, mostly because the creators of the show didn t really care to fit it in. As it stands, it was a really shocking change of tone for the show, and it baffles and depresses me to this day. I dunno, thought this might be relevant :P

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