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Since the beginning of our unicorn-ruled universe, weБve done our best to give video creators as much control over their videos as possible Б especially when it comes to privacy. In addition to public and private settings, weБve provided creators with advanced options like setting a password, only giving specific people access to their video, and hiding their video from vimeo. com while still being able to embed it on other sites. Today, weБve added yet another option, one specifically requested by our community: the ability to
share a video through a private link. How it works: If youБre a Plus, PRO, and Business member, go to your video settings and choose БOnly people with the private link. Б Or, select this option when youБre uploading. Once you save your changes, youБll be given a private URL to copy and send to people you choose. Only people with this link (and people those people share it with) will be able to see your video page. It will be hidden from other groups, channels, search results, and other places on vimeo. com, and people wonБt be able to find it through third-party search engines either. Magical though this new option may be, itБs important to remember that anyone with the link to your video may see it, or pass that link on to other people.

If you want to ensure that only certain people have access, you may want to keep it private, or set a password. Private link sharing, like our other advanced privacy settings, is only available to Plus, PRO, and Business members. But as always, Basic members can still opt to give specific people access to their videos, add a password to protect them, or to use all of our powerful advanced privacy options. Crosspost Videos to Reach Audiences on Pages with Different Owners, and See Total Performance Insights By, Product Manager Many publishers on Facebook use video to engage with their audiences, and it s important to help those publishers get their videos seen by the most relevant audiences. This is why to Pages under the same Business Manager. This made it possible to use the same video in a new post to experiment with and personalize elements such as title, post text and captions, as well asPto see videos metrics across all Posts with the same video. We re thrilled that 169k Pages are now using crossposting and publishers are seeing success with those first features. * A good example is, which posted this clip on the Page as well asPon five of their other Pages, garnering over 126M total views across the six posts. * New Crossposting Features:PCrossposting Video on Pages with Different Owners Publishers have also told us they need a way to easily post videos and reach audiences on Pages with different owners.

In the past, if a publisher wanted to share a video with another Page outside of their Business Manager, they would have to either ask the Page to upload a separate videoPor thatPPage could choose to share thePvideo post. Today we are announcing the ability to crosspost videos between Pages with different owners, including Pages that are under different Business Managers. Using this feature, publishers can reach new, relevant audiences, avoid sending and re-uploading video, and see aggregated insights for posts across all Pages. The crossposter (the Page that did not originally upload the video) can distribute videos in a customized post and get insights into video performance on their specific Page. This new feature will work with regular video and 360 video, and it will be available soon for videos that were previously live. To get started, both Pages must agree to establish aPcrossposting relationship. The Publisher maintains complete control of their video; when uploading a video (or later in the Video Library) the publisher decides which Pages canPhave access to crosspost it.

The Page looking to crosspost can then see videos available to post in the Videos You Can Crosspost tab in Publishing Tools. Additionally, publishers can now use a video from their Video Library and crosspost it as a video ad through Ads Manager. The views that are generated by the video ad are also aggregated in the video metrics in Page Insights, illustrating the total performance of the asset across paid and organic distribution. Sports The andPvariousPconference schools have Pages under different Business Managers, but each can bePa key stakeholder in a video. PThey use the new crossposting functionality to ease video distribution across university Pages. The Pac-12 is able to see the total performance across all distribution points and each school gets fresh content and insight into video performance on their Page. In this example, the Pac-12 Conference originally posted this video and Pcrossposted it. The video got over 11,000 views on the Pac-12 Conference Page, and an additional 50,000 views from two of Stanford s Pages. * Music There are several collaborators involved in making a music video.

Using the new crossposting feature, stakeholders such as networks, labels and artists can each publish the video on their Pages while personalizing the post with their own text and video description. A great recent example is this 360 video from MTV s featuring, who was able to personalize the post and publish it to his fans. [ Note 360 video is best viewed in the Facebook app. PCheck this one out on Future s page. ] Entertainment A studio or network Page may release a video, but there may bePrelated Pages that have strong fan bases which may be under different a Business Manager. For example, made this Pvideo available for crossposting with the, and it was viewed 1. 3M times across the two Pages. * News News organizations have several possible outlets for distributing video clips, and the new crossposting feature makes it easy to syndicate video to Pages owned by different entities and reach new audiences. Example use cases could include a national network posting the original video, and then a local affiliate or on-air talent crossposting on their own Pages. The new crossposting functionality is available to all Pages. Watch this video to get started: * All data pulled from Facebook internal data sources.

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