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why is the ph scale important in science

pH is a measure of the acidic or basic (alkaline) nature of a solution (concentration of the hydrogen ion [H+] activity in a solution determines the pH). The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, which is the most acidic, a pH of 7 is neutral, and 14 is the most alkaline. The pH scale is logarithmic and as a result, pH 8 is ten times more alkaline than 7, and pH 9 is hundred times more alkaline. Our blood and other body fluids that surround the cells are slightly alkaline (pH from 7. 2 to 7. 45). If blood pH drops down to 6. 9 a person falls into a coma or even dies. Fortunately, our body has mechanisms that help it to keep its balance and prevent great changes of pH value. It is breathing - lungs, then the so called buffer systems in body fluids, and selection of hydrogen ions in kidneys. However, the modern way of life can produce great quantities of the so called acid waste in our body. 97% of food that is product of metabolism produces acid waste, and one of the most important factors which cause acidity in the body are smoking, alcohol, stress and pollution.

Our body is forced to constantly fight to neutralize acids, which in time impoverish the reserves of our neutralization systems. The acids that have originated burden our body on a long-term basis, which causes numerous issues: obesity, reduced immunity, lack of energy, but also a whole series of diseases connected with acidity, which include diabetes, osteoporosis, formation of kidney stones, arthritis, cancer, etc. Alkaline water contains more negative OH- ions, which liberate more oxygen in the blood. In fact, if the blood is only a bit more alkaline (from 7. 3 to 7. 45) there will be approximately 2/3 more oxygen in it, available to all cells in our body! Dr. Otto Warburg, who received two Nobel Prizes, discovered in 1932 that lack of oxygen in the cells causes cancer. Unlike the normal cells, cancer cells do not need oxygen and they flourish in an acidic environment.

Dr. Warburg also discovered that mutated receptors, which cause cancer, are unlikely to appear if pH value of cells is at a healthy alkaline level. In order to fight with great quantities of acid waste the body produces to many free radicals, which induce oxidative stress not only on the waste, but also healthy cells. Negative OH- ions from the alkaline water neutralize free radicals, i. e. act as a strong antioxidant. The scientists tried to find out the reasons for longevity of certain nations and established that what they have in common is clean alkaline water!
Minerals in water donвt just add to its taste and healthfulness, but they have a huge impact on the waterвs pH. This is important because the human body has a natural pH of 7. 4. It needs this level to run efficiently and always seeks to return to this state, if it becomes overly acidic or alkaline.

Drinking water that has had the minerals removed and eating acidic foods can temporarily take the body out of balance. Drinking more alkaline water can help the body restore this balance. In addition, drinking more alkaline water will have your dentist smiling because acidity from beverages is a leading cause of tooth decay. There is a simple test to check for pH in water, available in some health food, some grocery stores and online. Generally, you will find that heavily purified waters even if they have been remineralized will have a pH under 7. Waters taken from underground sources and not treated or modified in any way will have a pH between 7. 2 and 7. 8, which is the ideal range for good health. With a healthy pH of 7. 8, ESKA is one of the most alkaline natural spring waters available. Evian, by contrast is 7. 2 and Fiji is 7. 5 both still good waters. Comments are closed.

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