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you got to know when to hold

Ever notice how the old gambler never actually gives him any advice? "What can you tell me, friend? "
"You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'emв" "Yeah yeah, I know that. But WHEN should I hold or fold? " "вknow when to walk away, know when to runв" "When I'm several hands up? Or just a gut feeling? " "Oh, I'll know how much money I have. But when should I fold? " "Look, mister, this is like Tommy Lasorda telling me I gotta know when to pitch to the batter and when to walk 'im. WHEN?? " "You mooched a cigarette, a lighter, and my last drop of liquor, and that's all you can tell me? " In 1979, when Rogers guest-starred in a season 4 episode of, he performed this song with a character.

Rogers is shown seated on a train with three muppets, one of them The Gambler (portrayed by ). Rogers sings the opening verse, while Nelson sings most of "The Gambler's" dialog, then falls asleep just as Rogers concludes the song's story. After he dies, The Gambler's spirit rises from his Muppet body, singing backup and dances to the song's last two choruses, and lets a deck of cards fly from his hand before fading away.

It is the theme song used for Rogers' long running (1980-1994), in which he stars as a fictional professional poker player called. The team was named after this song. Kenny Rogers was born and raised in Houston, Texas. A caricature parody of Kenny Rogers singing the song appeared in the 1993 short "Bubba Bo Bob Brain" (season 1, episode 34). The lyrics to this version were changed to refer to : "You gotta know how to cut 'em, know how to shuffle, know how to deal the cards before you play fish with me. " Episode 2 of the 2004 miniseries featured the recording, accompanied on screen by the singing and dancing of the characters, as part of the story.

The song became a dressing room anthem for the England players in the, which led to it becoming a pop hit. The song was featured in 2007 in the " " episode of the third season of. On July 21, 2009, the song was released for the music game as a playable track as part of the " " compilation disc.

It was then made available via digital download on Dec 29, 2009. Former pitcher is nicknamed "The Gambler" after the song. A 2014 television commercial features Rogers singing part of the song a cappella during a card game, to the displeasure of the other players. The song was ranked number 18 out of the top 76 songs of the 1970s by station WDDF Radio in their 2016 countdown. A drunken is shown singing the song in Episode 19, Season 7 of.

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