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why would a background check be delayed

the NICS should get them selves up to date with at least the 2000 s High technology. I really cant see more then a 10 TB computer server not being able to answer all the questions that the 4473? form has to ask, I know im sounding like a baby, but im itching to pit that AR together now. All the other parts were/are easy, just Shipping and handling, Surplus ammo and arms has stripped lower parts for about 50 bucks, A tango down looking copy from Isreal for 10 bucks. Troy battle handles and a steal at some places right now. When I finely get the Mega lower I am going to be so happy to shoot something with accuracy more than 100 feet, I have mastered my Gamo. 17 hunter pellet rifle.

I am ready for real yardage now, 150 meters. (its a lot for me)
thanks for all your input about the delay, I felt really dirty when they said they were going to have to call me and I got the Glock in about twenty minutes just about two years ago. I am really understanding the members here that prefer the FTF. thanks again for keeping me informed. Johnny! Last Friday on his birthday, I bought my 17 year old son his first hunting shotgun. The background check gave me a delayed answer. The clerk said that it could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 business days.

I have a clean record, but my husband's half-brother (with the same unusual last name as mine) is a convicted felon. I'm sure this is probably the reason for the delay. They told me that if my name/birthdate or general description matches a felon in my state, they need extra time to clear you. I understand that; I know that they need to make sure that someone is legally able to purchase a gun. It's been almost a week already. I called the store today to check on the status and they said that they still haven't received the proceed status. I asked them if they could rerun the check as maybe there is a glitch in the system.

They said that they couldn't run it again for 30 days! I asked them if this happens often and he said all the time and sometimes they never respond. He told me that they can't sell my son's gun to anyone else until they get an answer from the FBI because the gun's serial number is tied to the transaction. That's a small comfort, but I'm wondering if this could go on for months. I also bought him a beautiful gun safe and he's very eager to go hunting with his grandfather. I was curious to see if anyone else experienced long delays.

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