why wont my videos upload to youtube

If you are getting a message about closing Elements Auto Analyzer. exe before proceeding with some action, then end process using the Task Manager/Processes. If you want to stop the automatic activity of the Auto Analyzer feature, then go to the Elements Organizer 12 workspace, Edit Menu/Preferences/Media-Analysis
and disable all the AutoAnalyzer options under Media-Analysis. To make sure that you are not having YouTube account problems at this moment, please do the export to file saved to the computer hard drive, and then upload that file to YouTube at the YouTube web site.

Tried to export timeline content but the option was in grey so couldn't do this either. Where were you trying to do this? This is no File Menu/Export/Movie in Premiere Elements 12/12. 1 as there is in version 7. and one of the. mp4 presets or preset there for YouTube Widescreen HD? If that area is grayed out, you have major program problems not just an Premiere Elements 12/12. 1 YouTube feature issue. We will be watching for further developments. Thanks for the follow ups. I finally stumbled across this YouTube video, which describes a solution: You need to select Notifications, then scroll down to Uploads.

You should see a history of uploads that you PS4 system as performed. In my case, I had a very large history in there. In particular, there were a lot of failed uploads from Rocket League saved data. (That gamePhas a rather large saved data file, and my PS cloud storage was nearly full until they recently increased the capacity with firmware 3. 00. ) I deleted about 15-20 of the Cannot upload messages from the Rocket League uploads. After that, I tried uploading my video again, and this time it was successful.

By the way, there was nothing newer than mid-August in my upload history. I'm sure there were numerous other uploads (for saved data files) that probably failed because that upload history list was full. I know I'Pstill havePsome more crud in that list, so I'll go back and delete a bunch more old records, just as a preemptive measure. To sum it all up: Take a few momentsPto clean out your PS4's upload history list. Hopefully, this will solve the problem for randomnperson612 and anyone else that also encountered this issue.

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