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why is politics useful to the citizens of a country

Puerto Ricans have the same rights as any other American Citizen. Residents of the island of Puerto Rico do not have direct representation in Congress, cannot vote in presidential elections and do not pay Federal Personal income tax on money earned on the territory (They pay every other sort of tax invented by man, just not Federal Personal Income tax). Puerto Ricans that move to one of the 50 states or DC can vote for president. Puerto Ricans are citizens of the US by legislative act (1917 Jones Act), unlike citizens born in the 50 states which are constitutional citizens. The difference is that Federal legislation only requires a majority of the US House and Senate plus a presidential signature to repeal any existing law. The Constitution requires 75% of the existing state legislatures in the country and their governors to approve any change which is much more difficult. Theoretically, this means that Puerto Rican-born US Citizens could have their citizenship revoked if the political winds blow the wrong way. However there is a constitutional question here that would need to be tested: Is legislative citizenship fundamentally different than Constitutional citizenship?

It is also thought that some one Born in Puerto Rico may not be eligible to be President. However some think if the Puerto Rican-born US citizen has residency in one of the 50 states, there is no legal reason why that citizen couldn't run. This is a constitutional question that has not been tested. On two occasions viable presidential candidates born on territories, not states were defeated in the general election so no precedent has been set. The two candidates were Barry Goldwater who was born in the Territory that became Arizona, and John McCane who was born on the Panama Canal Zone when it was a US Territory. A resident of any US territory not a state cannot be President of the United States. The Constitution also states that anyone who would be President must have resided in the United States for 14 years, but it is untested whether this means 14 years consecutive or commutative years. It also does not state whether the 14 years can be on US Territory or within a State.
Natia Shakaia Citizens make the future of the country.

Many things depend on us, citizens. б In my mind, every citizen can do something useful for the development of the country. It really doesnБt matter what sphere we work in, it is our duty to do everything we can to live in better conditions. CitizenБs participation is a process which provides private individuals an opportunity to influence public decisions and to be a component of the democratic decision-making process. Nowadays more and more people are taking the initiative to make their local neighbourhood more liveable, for instance by helping to maintain playgrounds or green spaces. As a result, the relationship between society and government is changing. Sometimes the government supports the engagement of the society but sometimes they donБt. Well, it depends on certain conditions. The society can be involved in many spheres. From my personal view everything needs to be improved. Some people are eager to change something and whatБs more important they really do that. The main aim of this kind of people is to improve the quality of life around us. This is called citizens participation.

Some things might have more importance than we think. For example, we can keep the streets, districts from pollution, and therefore we can be examples to our relatives and friends. This is what I wanted to tell you about citizenБs participation and involvement but what happens when we are not involved at all? How do we impact on the environment we live in? б citizenБs participation has always vital impact on the development of the country as economically as socially. We vote for the president, for the government but what happens if we donБt go to the elections? It may sound weird, but we vote for the party and the candidate we donБt like by deciding not to go to the elections, which means that the society thinks if they do not go for voting the party, which they do not support, will lose the elections and this is completely wrong attitude. So we should think about why donБt we use our right to vote? For instance, 2016 was the year of elections for my country. According to the media sources about 49-50% of citizens didnБt go for voting. So, all I can say is that the involvement of the society is very low at this point, or to be more precise there is 49-50% of non- involvement.

We, as the citizens of our country have the full right to participate in governing our nation. And if you still donБt know how and where participate, simply follow my advice: look for information in newspapers, magazines, and in any important materials; vote in elections and try to encourage someone to vote; participate in a political discussion to state our opinion about politics and hear to otherБs opinions. My advice for people (mostly the people of my age) is to more citizen participation if we want to make our country the better place to live. Before deciding whether to participate or not try to think about several things, for instance, what is purpose of the government, how important your rights are to you and how satisfied you are with the way the government is working. Natia Shakaia Read this article in Georgian The contents of this article are the sole responsibility of the author, and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of ALDA and the European Union.

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