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why do you want to travel to the usa

9 years ago, I feel the same thing when I moved to USA from Australia. Now, I am sorry to say it is one of the biggest mistakes of my life. living here is dangerous, fear of everything violent, guns are everywhere. be careful when driving because almost all drivers men and women have tendency to rage. For the cost of living it is ok provided you know where to buy affordable things, i think this is the only thing that I am approve in living in USA. Taxation here are so complicated with hundreds of forms and new loop holes that IRS make to tax a poor man. if you have some foreign retirement money or foreign account, you have to have a degree to file income tax in USA. Buying your house is also very risky, they can never be an investment, you never know when it will just goes down or the airport change their flight paths, or when a developer build apartments in your area or thugs suddenly appear from every street or mexican playing loud ethnic music everywhere and bad luck if you have a self employed car mechanic neighbor who use your streets as his parking space. You also might experience arrogant neighbors whose pets use your backyards as toilets and also park their big SUV s in front of your garage, and also heat their engine in the morning for an hour. Lastly, racism and prejudice. from experience, never walk on a sidewalk where a white person is in front of you, delay walking stay away for fear of being frame up and suspected as criminal. Never ever help a stranger, if you want to help call 911. better leave everything and get away from anything, because racist witness will maybe false accuse you especially if you have dark skin. there are so many racist experiences I have here that almost all of type I have seen or hear about them. this country is hypocrite in a sense that they want to police the world where they are the first violators.
Getting a was hard enough but sitting through the 30 minute visa interview is sometimes nerve-wracking.

Being well prepared for the visa interview will help you feel more relaxed and confident about your chances of getting a US visa. Questions revolve around several topics and vary between immigration officers. In each case you should try to bring documentary evidence to support your answers. Most interviewing officers start off by asking questions about your reasons for travelling to the United States. Why do you want to visit the US? How long do you intend to stay? Have you visited America before? Where are you going to stay in the US? Who is sponsoring you? How much pension do you get? What is your annual income? Do you have a credit card? US Immigration officers also want to check your ties to the United States and will ask questions about relationships you have there to determine if your ties are strong enough to make you stay in the country once your visa expires. You must answer truthfully. Many non-immigrant visas are granted to people who go to visit their family in the US, admitting that you have family there will not jeopardize your chances as long as you can adequately prove that you have sufficient ties to the place you live when applying (e. g. this may be your country of birth or another country where you are registered as a permanent resident. ) Who are you visiting in the USA? Do you have relatives in the US? What does your relative do?

How long has your relative been living in USA? What does your relative do for work in the USA? Where does your relative work? How much does your relative earn? What would you do if someone offered you a high paid job in the US? What would you do if you won the jackpot in a casino in the US? Applicants for non-immigrant visas must prove that they have sufficient ties to their home country or their place of permanent residence in order to get a US visa. These are the most important questions of all of those asked at the visa interview and you must be very clear about why you will return home. Documentary evidence like rental contracts, employers letters,your Pchildren s wedding or graduationPPinvitations prove you will be returning. What do you do? Has your employer granted you leave? When did you retire? Who is going to manage your business in your absence? How many children do you have? Where do your children live? What do your kids do for a living? How can you reassure me that you will leave the US at the end of your stay? If you are be prepared for lots of questions about the institution you chose to study in along with your reasons for doing so in the US and the choice of course. If you are hoping to work on an you will be asked about the US company who is hiring you, right down to details like how many US candidates they interviewed before you were offered the job, how you will survive financially for the first month in the US, where the company is located, how you found the job, and more about your work experience and educational qualifications.

Anyone applying on a will need to prove that a strong relationship exists between them and their US spouse. Questions will revolve around when you met, where you married, questions about your family and your fiancs family. Questions about US Visa Appointments? Read ourP Please refer to our before purchasing IVT services. By clicking the download link and paying the PayPal fees, you are agreeing to purchase a an application form service from IVT. IVT is not a US government agency or related to any US government agency. IVT is not involved in the processing of your US visa, trusted traveler program or passport. The PayPal fee you are agreeing to is the fee for IVTs services as a private company. There may be additional government fees to pay for the services you are downloading these fees are explained on the relevant webpage. We issue refunds under specific conditions. Check the page for more details. Please email us at info@immigrationvisaforms. com with your refund request. IVT is not accountable for any information given in it s free application packs, nor are we liable for any omissions or errors. The maximum liability for any circumstance will not exceed the purchase price.

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