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why was andrew jackson called a self made man

He fought his way to leadership and wealth in a frontier society, and his success established a bond between him and the common people that was never broken. Small farmers, laborers, mechanics, and many other Americans struggling to better themselves looked to Jackson for leadership. Jackson's followers considered themselves the party of the people and denounced their political opponents, the National Republicans and later the Whigs, as aristocrats. In fact, Jacksonian leaders were nearly all as wealthy, and as different from the common people, as the Whigs. For all of Jackson's talk about helping working people, his policies accomplished little for them. His banking policies destabilized the nation's currency and, some historians think, were designed to help bankers friendly to his Democratic Party. However benevolent Jackson may have been toward blacks and Native Americans in his personal life, they clearly were not included in the "common people" he sought to aid in his public life. His Native American policy deprived America's original peoples of millions of acres despite prior treaties and the disapproval of the Supreme Court of the United States. His party promoted the interests of slaveholders and thereby helped to delay a solution to the slavery question until it erupted into the Civil War in 1861.

Jackson left a legacy of a strong presidency. Since his time it has been commonplace for presidents to repeat his assertion that the president represents the will of the people better than Congress does. His example has also made it mandatory for presidents, as well as other American politicians, to appeal to the people at large rather than special interests.
1. Andrew Jacksons full name was Andrew Jackson. 2. Andrew Jackson's nickname from his supporters was "Old Hickory". 3. Andrew Jackson's nickname from his opposers were "King Andrew". 4. Andrew Jackson was born on March 15th, 1767. 5. Andrew Jackson was born in the North Carolina/South Carolina. 6. Andrew Jackson got married to August 1791. 7. Andrew Jackson did not have any children. 8. Andrew Jackson was a presbyterian. 9. Andrew Jackson started the Democratic party that we have today. 10. Jackson was president from the years 1829-1837. 11. Andrew Jackson supported slavery. 12. Andrew Jackson was known as a "self-made man" because he came from a very poor lifestyle and made it all the way to the President. 13.

Andrew Jackson was enlisted in the army during the Revolution at age 13. 14. Andrew Jackson was an orphan at age 14. 15. Jackson was once captured by the British, and when the British told him to clean his shoes he refused and has a scar from the man. 16. Andrew Jackson was good looking and liked to have a good time at parties. 17. Andrew Jackson was a military official before he was president. 18. Jackson was a before his presidency. 19. Andrew Jackson lived in the white house during his presidency. 20. Jackson was the first president to ride a railroad because during his presidency the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company powered by locomotive was made. 21. An advancement in tachnology made during Jackson's presidency was the Mechanical Reaper, Combine Machine, and Steel Plow which started the agriculture revolution because it made farming so easy. 22. Telegraph was also invented during Andrew Jackson's presidency. 23. Photography was also invented during Andrew Jackson's presidency. 24. Andrew once said, "Americans are not a perfect people, but we are called to a perfect mission. " 25. Jackson was the first president to be born in a log cabin. 26.

Andrew Jackson betted on horses losing and winning a lot of money. 27. Jackson's father died before Jackson was born. 28. Jackson was the town reader when he was very young. 29. Andrew Jackson's inaugurational ball was crowded and non-formal unlike George Washington's and other past presidents. 30. Andrew once said "It is a damn poor mind indeed which can't think of atleast two ways to spell any word. " 31. Andrew Jackson dismantled the second bank of the United States. 32. Andrew Jackson's mother's name was Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson. 33. Jackson was captured by the British with his brother and when they escaped they both had small pox. 34. Jackson and his family were descendants from Irish immigrants. 35. Jackson's mother and brother was killed by the British. 36. Jackson made enough money after being an orphan and moving to to be a lawyer that he could buy a mansion for him and his wife. 37. Jackson was the first person to be elected in the House of Representatives from Tennessee. 38. Jackson led the American army to success in the Battle of New Orleans. 39. Jackson lived in his mansion named Hermitage when he retired. 40. Jackson's face is on the $20 bill.

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