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why is the north pole not a continent

In the reality we are in now where there is no arctic continent, the global warming scientists argue on both sides. The media wants us to believe they only argue on one side. There do seem to more on the side of global warming because the controlling cabal is feeding that thesis as a way to continue the march to one world dictatorship. They want us to believe the CARBON is a poison and that there must be international control on who can emit carbon and who can t and who will be taxed for emissions and get this -- who can pay money to international bankers and Al Gore s company to get permission to emit carbon, as if that could ever possibly help anything, even if carbon were a poison, WHICH IT IS NOT. We are carbon based life form on a carbon based planet. They have us believing that everything and everyone is a dangerous polluter.

We pollute even by exhaling. They have us scared of ourselves and they have us brainwashed into believing the only hope for survival is for a global government to get a handle on this awful carbon problem and save us from ourselves. In the meantime, they are allowing all kinds of real pollution that kills sea life, including DEADLY RADIATION to go unabated. They are creating GMO monstrosities to attack our bodies. They engage in biowarfare but somehow God s natural carbon is the boogeyman. It s a giant con. In fact, they have secretive technology like HARRP and geoforming to actually create the effects in some areas of the world of warming and climate change and droughts and earthquakes and volcanoes and tsunamis so they can blame it on carbon. Now, if you are a scientist who comes down against man made global warming, which they had to turn into, climate change because IT QUIT WARMING 20 YEARS AGO, you will not have access to all the funding and slush money for selling your soul.

Anyway, the new world order scientists for hire say the ice cap is melting and dire consequences will happen. They have been predicting this for decades and their time frame comes and goes, comes and goes and dire consequences never happen. If you look at their predictions it is hilarious that people still take these clowns seriously. It s the power of media. If it s on the TEE-v, well it must be true. If the guvmint says so, if must be true. DOH. The other scientists (the ones with integrity) tell us that part of the year large parts of the ice melts and the other part of the year it comes back, as they tell us has always been the case.

If you wonder why they don t talk about the missing arctic continent, it s because in this reality, there was never an arctic continent. Millions of us used to be in a reality where there was one, but we are no longer there. Hope this helps.
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