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why do some football clubs have triangular corner flags

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Importantly for historians, the founding moment of AFC Wimbledon came in the very Wimbledon Common pub that Old Central were first organised in 1889. Twenty-seven months on, this is how serious an outfit AFC have become: the club are now on their third team manager. The current incumbent, Dave Anderson, was struck the moment he arrived by the emotional power of the outfit. "Everyone in non-League, everyone in football was aware of what this has come out of, how it was formed," said Anderson, a former Glentoran player and childhood mate of Norman Whiteside. "In two years, what they've managed is frightening. " Starting at the bottom of the football pyramid, the club now sit atop Ryman Division One. They have bought their own ground in Kingston, Surrey, which next Sunday will host a fund-raising event to help to pay off the mortgage. Pointedly, it will be a re-run of the 1988 Cup Final with players from that Liverpool team - Jan Molby, John Aldridge, Phil Neal - hoping to gain revenge over former Wimbledon players including Alan Cork, John Scales and Lawrie Sanchez. "Clearly they all believe we're the continuation of the club they played for and against," said Jones. "Sanchez told us that though the legal entity might be in Milton Keynes, the fans he played for are at AFC. For him, this is the club. " If any of those playing and watching next Sunday are sufficiently eagle-eyed, they might notice that around the Kingsmeadow perimeter are triangular corner flags.

This is a perk available only to winners of the FA Cup. It is not quite on a par with embroidering a gold star to the shirt of those countries which have won the World Cup. But almost. "To be honest, I'm not sure anyone's noticed. But no one's told us we're not entitled to," said Jones. There is one body who could sort all this out. Aware that a club's most important asset is their history, a group of Wimbledon supporters recently wrote to the FA asking them to rule on which operation have the right to the Dons' past. It is a difficult one for the FA, given that they were the body who sanctioned the Milton Keynes start-up in the first place. But then that original ruling back in May 2002 insisted on a number of anti-franchising caveats, including no change in the Wimbledon name, no change in the club badge or the kit, plus a demand that a community presence be kept in the London Borough of Merton.

None of that commitment has been maintained by the team now known as MK Dons. "To be fair, why would they want to? " said Jones. If you rebrand, you don't keep the old letterhead. " Meanwhile, the AFC wagon rolls on, even stronger. Home matches are played to crowds averaging 3,000 and Anderson, despite an FA Cup record he admits is dire, is excited by the prospect of a run which might - given outrageous fortune - throw up a tie with MK Dons. Even if his team don't reach the same stage as the Buckinghamshire arrivistes, the new manager has already achieved one victory over the rival claimants to his club's past. Anderson describes himself as "a full-time boss, but with a job as well". He is a driver for a wine company and his employer is one of the few Wimbledon FC fans who decided to switch loyalty to Milton Keynes. When Anderson took the job with AFC, his boss agreed to come along and watch. He has been to every home game since. "So at least I can tell the board I've increased the gates," Anderson mused. Never mind who once won the FA Cup. That is the kind of history a board wants their manager to make.

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