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why does my ac smell like feet

We are going to add what the manufacturer left out, weep holes! Buyer beware! Big box stores will gladly sell you an air conditioner not suited for your region
Anyway, Let's get to it. Place the unit upside down. I marked the underside with "inside" and "outside" for your reference. Determine the low spots where water may accumulate. Mark where you want your weep holes. I marked 8 spots where I wanted to put holes. Be sure all the holes will be on the outside of the window and not inside the room. VERY IMPORTANT: Be absolutely certain that you will not be drilling into any critical component of the air conditioner. One puncture of the coils and the air conditioner will be useless! Making the weep holes. At each of the marked locations use your punch to indent the metal slightly. This will prevent your bit from moving around when you attempt to drill the hole. I drilled the holes by using a small diameter bit followed by a large diameter bit.

Note 1: Do not chose a diameter that will allow insects(wasps and other nest builders) to go into your air conditioner. If you have it off and installed for a while insects may be attracted to building a nest in there. Note 2: there are a few holes I have drilled on this particular unit that you must be extremely careful making. The back corner holes are near the coils. Drill these holes on a slight angle facing towards the side of the air conditioner so the bit goes away from the coils. At the bottom center of the air conditioner I drilled 2 holes through the metal into the round plastic piece surrounding the fan. This way water will not sit underneath the fan in the plastic. If you do this, be very careful that you do not drill into the fan blade ring and brake it. This ring is probably there to fling water on to the back coils to improve efficiency. There is only an efficiency benefit in low humidity environments where evaporative coolong works best. in high humidity environments the water is warmed and creates a bath for mold to grow in.

Clean up the excess metal around the drill holes. Paint each of the holes with a rust inhibitor. I chose not to do this. I figure if it rusts it will just mean I just have bigger weep holes. :) This isn't any help but I want to tell it anyway. I use to have some pet snakes. To feed the small one I'd pick up some mice at the pet shop. They give you the mouse in a plastic bag wich is enough to get the little guy home without oxygen concerns. Considering his fate, asphyixiation might seem preferable. So I have the mouse bag in the passenger seat and when I get home, sure enough, he's chewed his way to freedom. So I have the car in the lot with both doors open and I'm chasing the little cheese-eating bastard through my car: inside the seats, under floormats, etc.

Finally, I lose him and realize that he must have jumped out of the door and scampered. Damn. Snake will have to eat another day. So the next day I get in the car to get to work. It's June and about 95 degrees with high humidity. The car is baking so I turn on the AC. Then I turn on the fan. Instead of the normal sound, the fan makes a sound like a tiny bicycle wheel with somewhat soft playing cards in the spokes. Awwww Maaaaan. Yeah, the little guy died. In the AC fan. I thought that was pretty bad but I didn't know BAD until after work when I got inthe car again. The car that had been in the 95 degree heat and humidity all. day. long. I spent two weeks driving with my head out of the window. I didn't have tailgaters the whole time and nobody bummed a ride. That was ten years ago or so and I still have that car. Sometimes the ghost of the smell returns, but it's rare.

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