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why is the nile so important to egypt

The Nile was very important to the people of Ancient Egypt because it essentially made their economy possible. P It allowed them to do agriculture and to engage in trade. Like all ancient people, the Ancient Egyptians relied on agriculture for most of their economy. P The Nile made agriculture possible in Egypt. P Every year, the river flooded. P When the floods receded, they left layers of silt on the areas that had been flooded. P This silt helped make the land fertile, allowing the Egyptians to grow enough crops near the Nile to feed everyone.

P In other parts of Egypt not flooded by the Nile, the land was not fertile enough for agriculture. P The Nile, then, was necessary for Egyptian agriculture. The Egyptians also used the Nile for other things. P It was a source of papyrus that they used to make paper, boats, and other things. P It was a source for fish and for waterfowl. P It also made it easier for them to trade both within Egypt and with other countries.

P The Egyptians could ship goods up and down the Nile, allowing them to be moved easily from place to place. P This made trade easier and helped the Egyptian economy. P In these ways, the Nile made the Ancient Egyptian economy possible.
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