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why was alexander the great a hero

According to Cartledge, the royal families may have been considered Hellenic even if the common people of Epirus and Macedonia were not. Evidence that the Macedonian royal family was considered Greek-enough comes from theP
P(. 5). The Olympic Games were open to pretty much all free, Greek males, but were closed to barbarians. An early Macedonian king, Alexander I wanted to enter the Olympics. Since he was not clearly a Greek, his admission was debated. It was decided that the Argive dynasty from which the Macedonian royal family came gave credencePto his claim to be Greek. He was allowed to enter. It had not been a foregone conclusion. Some considered this predecessor of Alexander the Great, like his countrymen, barbarian. P [5. 22] Now that the men of this family are Greeks, sprung from Perdiccas, as they themselves affirm, is a thing which I can declare of my own knowledge, and which I will hereafter make plainly evident.

That they are so has been already adjudged by those who manage the Pan-Hellenic contest at Olympia. For when Alexander wished to contend in the games, and had come to Olympia with no other view, the Greeks who were about to run against him would have excluded him from the contest - saying that Greeks only were allowed to contend, and not barbarians. But Alexander proved himself to be an Argive, and was distinctly adjudged a Greek; after which he entered the lists for the foot-race, and was drawn to run in the first pair. Thus was this matter settled. Olympias was not a Macedonian but was considered an outsider at the Macedonian court.

That did not make her a Hellene. What could make her Greek is accepting the following statements as evidence:. It was thought that the Dorian Greeks came from the area of Epirus. The issue remains up for debate. www. hellenesonline. com/go/2009/01/alexander-the-great-how-slavic-was-he Alexander the Great: How Slavic was He? JanP2009 by Greek historian Paul Cartledge. Cambridge Don Mary Beard s Was Alexander the Great a Slav?. He is portrayed not as 'tyrant' even in spite of his outstanding successes for his times, when the fastest means to travel was on horse-back that served also as the fastest means of Communications. He was (as we were made to know) a youthful, energetic, and even playful military campaigner who performed his tasks rather nonchalantly.

He was imbued with only positive qualities that an ideal Warrior ought to posses. It is not hagiography nor just empty talk but events proved that. When the defeated king 'Purushottam'(Porus to Greek tongues) of River Jhelum area who fought gallantly without fear, winning Alexander's admiration was produced before him (Alexander) in fetters befitting a defeated king, the latter asked him as to how he wished to be treated. Purushottam replied, "as one king would treat another". P Alexander restored back his kingdom and won friendship loyalty in return. Alexander's men who introduced Greek culture and imbibed many Indian traits are remembered fondly unlike many later conquerors who were marauders who looted, pillaged, raped, razed cities and denuded the country.

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