why use bb cream instead of foundation

There comes a time in one s life when you must make the difficult decision to change your makeup routine. Maybe it s because your skin hasn t been cooperating lately, your foundation formula isn t working as well as it used to, your favorite product has been discontinued, or maybe you just want to try something new to see what happens like we did. Makeup. com editors decided to put their trusty, full-coverage foundations to the side for a month and swap in lightweight alternatives BB and CC Creams. They certainly make big promises: lightening and brightening of blemishes, acne scars, age spots and dull skin and even more miracles. The idea of getting coverage and skincare benefits in one little bottle had us jumping at the challenge, so we committed and made the switch. Here s why we did it, and most importantly, what happened
A skincare and makeup hybrid, these lightweight foundation-alternatives promise to do the job of five or more products in one. They pump skin with moisture, many formulas contain sun protection, act as primers, concealers, and coverage all while actually treating skin to heal acne, discoloration, pigmentation, uneven skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and smooth out overall tone and texture for brighter, healthier looking skin. In the beauty world, they re the Jack of all trades, master of ALL. Now you can really see why we were up for the challenge. 1. Angela Melero: The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in 01 Angela s main goal for the switch was to find something that gave her coverage, without the heavy feel. "I've always struggled with breakouts and acne. For the longest time, I only felt comfortable and confident if I had a full-face of foundation, concealer, powder the works! I began to realize that I was just clogging my skin with makeup and not allowing it breathe. Substituting my foundation for BB cream for a month was a huge step for me, and, to be honest, I was not feeling hopeful about the outcome. I'm happy to report the experience has been a positive one, says Melero.

The Body Shop BB Cream actually delivers more coverage than I expected and doesn't clog up my skin! I've noticed my complexion has a more natural glow and my blemishes have been less frequent. I love that this experiment has helped me embrace a more natural look and feel more confident in my skin. I still love my foundation and know there's a time and a place for heavier coverage, but it's nice to switch gears and let your skin just be once in a while. " 2. Diana Crisan Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC Cream in 2 Diana was looking for a product that would fast track her morning routine and leave her with glowing (not oily) looking skin. While my skin doesn t typically tend to get itself into too much mischief, I do notice that after a ( ahem, few) weeks of unhealthy dietary decisions that it starts looks splotchy and dull. I feel like I m always looking for a miracle a product with full-coverage feel, but is so fluid, it s almost transparent. Like a foundation mixed in with highlighter now that s an idea, says Crisan. Let me tell you, when I asked for a foundation and highlighter in one, I found it. The Luminessence leaves my skin with a rosy glow and can still cover just about anything. Full disclosure though: If I do get a more aggressive breakout, I mix in a dot of my cream-based foundation, so I may have cheated a little once or twice. The best part is that I just squeeze some out on the back of my hand, dip my beauty blender in it and then dab it all over my face in seconds and I can prove it here! My routine has never been speedier and I love how light and natural my makeup looks, which is mainly because my skin has been brighter so there s less for me to try and conceal. I ll definitely stick to this CC cream for the everyday, but that porcelain-finish feel you get from foundation will forever have a place in my heart and on my face when the occasion calls for it, says Crisan. We may love these complexion-savers, but we ve got way more product picks to share here!

Trying to pick the right face makeup formula can be downright daunting. You have to find the right shade and the right product. P Whether you need full coverage, minimal coverage, an all-in-one product, or just want something to wear from time to time, knowing what kind of finish you like is key, but understanding the benefits of each product is essential. Here are the ABC s of the difference between foundation, BB, and CC creams: The best product to help even out skin tone and give full coverage, has been perfecting skin for centuries, and makeup companies have come a long way in improving foundation to make it easy to use. Foundation is thicker than creams in consistency, comes in a multitude of shades for all different skin tones, and can be used for everyday wear or when you are getting dressed up for a special occasion. It has several levels of coverage, from sheer to heavy, but the sheerest is more coverage than creams typically provide. You can also find a foundation that fits your specific needs: If you have dry skin there are moisturizing formulas, if you have mature skin there are anti-aging formulas, and so forth. PWhile most women use sponges or their fingers, the best way to apply foundation is with a brush. PA brush blends the makeup the best and gives you an even amount of coverage all over the face. One of the best formulas to work with is. Application tip: Start applying foundation in more problem areas such as around the nose first where it can tend to get red and then blend out in all other areas of the face to ensure everything gets covered. Starting in the center of your face is a great way to cover problem areas first before everything else. Tinted moisturizer is quick and easy to use and provides light coverage for a natural, fresh look. It contains a little color and moisturizer and usually sunscreen. If your skin is pretty great and you don t have much to cover, a tinted moisturizer could work for you. Use your fingers or a foundation brush to apply the tinted moisturizer.

A brush will give you a more precise application. Originating in Asia, this product variously stands for or blemish balm. It s used to even out skin tone and correct blemishes. After the launch of this particular product, many companies started phasing out tinted moisturizers because BB cream contains so many more benefits but is still easy to use and provides light coverage. BB cream is lighter than standard foundation coverage but thicker than a tinted moisturizer. BB creams can sometimes contain sunscreen, but their key ingredients are antioxidants to help protect skin against free radicals and damage from pollution. On the negative side, you ll generally only find a handful of shades in BB creams; you might find two to four shades of BB cream in any particular brand, whereas you might have from six to 40 foundation shades to choose from. To apply BB cream, put a little bit on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin and blend in with your fingers, a wet sponge, or a foundation brush. are the most recent to launch. Also known as color corrective or color control, they arePlighter than BB cream or foundation. Most CC creams have a soft, whipped texture that is light and airy. The concept behind a good CC cream is to even out blotchiness, redness, or hyperpigmentation of the skin while adding ingredients like lycopene to calm redness and vitamin C to promote radiance. CC creams give you a treatment-oriented makeup that both protects and restores, along with smoothing out skin tone with sheer coverage. CC cream works well as a primer underneath foundation. By doing this, you completely even out the skin tone while adding anti-aging and hydrating benefits. Just a small amount of foundation blended on top will give you a flawless, airbrushed finish that will last longer throughout the day. PPAs with BB cream, you will find only a few shades to choose from in this product. Apply CC cream the same way you do a BB cream.

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