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why usa is not the best country in the world

13 The border problem with Mexico You know it's a problem but when did American said it's not a state of freedom, it's a state of freedom not only Mexicans are immigrants stupid there's Irish people, German people, Russian people, every kind and if you don't like it leave America or deal with it it's not true that Mexicans depend on the state and get everything from the government Mexicans work their ass off and they cannot get insurance, health care it's a state of many languages and Spanish is one of them they come here to have a dream like all of us I work for the social community and most Americans are depending on the government than Mexican but what I don't like it's that Americans say I hate Mexicans and stuff like that they say and then you see them eating Mexican food and enjoy in it that's fake I love Mexicans even if I am American God bless America
There is no border.

Half the population of my town are Mexicans. And we have a crappy Mexican restaurant. And my school know need a Spanish speaking teacher. Millions of illegal immigrant get in the country. It is all apart of Obama's plan to ruin america. I will move out of this country as some as visible before it become the United States Of Mexico. We are already in debt and we can't handle this. Most of them get money from the state. We are not the best, deal with it. The immigrants can invade this country. The only problem with this border is that it is in the wrong place.

The US stole a large chunk of Mexico. If this land was returned to its rightful owners then the problem would disappear. Is their any problem with Mexico? I mean they leech of the economy and hard working peoples money. - Lucretia It s the Fourth of July, and in addition to commemorating the nation s independence, patriotic citizens everywhere will be celebrating and how much other countries have to learn from us. proving no one has it better than Americans, no country has fewer problems than the United States and certainly no people could be more free than the citizens of the greatest country in the history of the world. 1. Americans treat their tired, their poor, their huddled masses better than anyone else!

When it comes to basic life and health amenities, the U. S. is killing it. 2. We have the best educational system in the world! Whoo culd posiblee no mor? 3. Americans are safer than any other people in the world. And if anyone is safer, it s obviously thanks to America. 4. No country is less racist than the United States! Since when has all men are created equal not been completely true? 5. Americans live longer, happier lives than anyone else. la vida loca. 6. No one is more free to challenge tyranny than Americans. You can say whatever you want here! 7. We re the freest people in the world. No one is more free than us. Freedom! USA. USA. USA.

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