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Many people wish to work at Google, Microsoft or at IBM because of the benefits. Not many can make it. This article discusses one of the reasons
БWhy do you want to work here? Б STOP, itБs a tricky question! The answer to the question Бwhy do you want to work for our company? Б is a key factor (make or break) in the companyБs decision as to whether one would fit the position or not. It appears that many companies Б big companies, startup companies and even schools and institutes keep asking this question during an interview. What does the employer want to know by asking this question? 1. Are you going to take any job offer (shooting in all directions. ) or did youб seriously consider your job search target and career objectives? 2. What do you know about the company and this job? Have you done your homework? 3. Do you want to Бget a foot in the doorБ OR Are you going to bring added value to the company? 4. How do you see this job position matching your skills? 5. How do you select a specific company to work for? Are you selective in your job search? 1. Express your interest in the company profile (based on your pre-research).

Put across Б how you are impressed by the companyБs success, its products and its portfolio. 2. Present your knowledge of the workplace environment (the department) you applied to. 3. Demonstrate your enthusiasm to work for the company. 4. And (the most important part) how do you trust this company to be the best place to utilize your experience and skills for the benefit of the company. It turned out to be a long-story answerБ However, every part is important Б In your speech, you actually create a picture of yourself as an active-integral member of this organization who feels proud to contribute. In addition, you demonstrate your interest and passion in working for the company AND how you see. БSo, why do you want to work in our company? Or for this organization? Б БThis Company is a well-known ABC industry leader. I have conducted web research and found/believe that DEF products and its future prospects are impressive and interesting/exciting. I have always wanted to work at this company. The ABC team is the team IБd be proud to work with. A place where my background/skills can be utilized and developed.

Б You may add other reasons, explaining how your skills are best fit for the position. Of course, the first thing one should do is conduct research before the job interview: * Log on to the company website and find important and relevant info that you may point out during the interview. * One should also prepare a matching table that compares his or her background with the job requirements. Two follow-up questionsб could be what do you know about our company? Or what do you want to know about our company? You may be interested in reading the articles Б or. Also refer to category. Б Interview question Б Б Interview question Б My post was well and good (definitely read the comments), but I think I should be serious about my new employer because I really am excited to work there. Here are some reasons why: The opportunity to work with people smarter than me. The chance to meet some of the people I admire in the software community. The projects and technology under development always inspire me. Almost every event I ve gone to has had me come away wanting to look into some other cool technology and thinking of the ways it can change the world.

A real career path as a software engineer. Chance to change projects whenever I want. During my interviews, many people were quite open with me: they get bored with a project eventually and want to switch after two years or so. Microsoft s culture easily allows this. Compete with Google. Google needs some real competition. Just as Firefox lit a fire under the IE team, MS needs to light a fire under Google. The are awesome. They truly treat you well. They are extremely open on telecommuting. How many companies can you work at where your stuff affects so many people? There aren t that many The challenge. I love challenges. I love learning new things, and working hard to solve problems. Challenges are how you grow. The area. Beautiful country. Cheaper than DC. The rain. What will be more interesting is to compare this list with what I come up with in a year. Check out my latest book, the essential, in-depth guide to performance for all. NET developers: by Ben Watson. Available now in print and as an eBook at: and more, see

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