why do you want to improve your english

Dear Hadeel,
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on with us. The question you have brought up is a very important one: How do I know if my messages are written in proper English? Learning a second language can be a bit like walking in a dark room: You know that you are moving in a certain direction but you are not 100% sure where exactly you are. Why does a native speaker of English know what is correct English? Because they have stored thousands of lexical items in their head, that means, whenever they read a sentence in English their subconscious mind runs this sentence through their memory to see if it matches with other sentences that have been stored there before. This process happens in a split second and it's a reflex. Now, if you want to write and speak like them you have first have to record as many lexical items of the English language in your memory as possible. There is a website called Antimoon. com where you will find a lot of interesting information about how to learn English in a way that allows you to reproduce correct English sentences.

Some of the methods suggested by Antimooon. com are very radical because they say you must produce an English sentence only if you are 100% that the sentence is correct. I would say you should keep a balance between accuracy and fluency. For example, any person who speaks English as their mother tongue or as a second language would understand your message above. There might some minor things that could be straightened out so that your English is even more authentic. This is a process that involves a number steps. It's important for you to find ways how you can check and evaluate your English yourself rather than having a tutor correcting your sentences. Sooner or later you will have to write your own emails, business memos, articles and essays in English and there won't be anybody to amend your texts. So, when you write a message in English you can try to use only those phrases you have read somewhere before.

In addition there is a very effective method to find out whether a phrase or word combination is good English or not: Put the phrase you want to check into "Quotation Marks" and search for it in Google. Also, you can run your message through a spell checker to make sure there are no spelling errors or typos. Just a hint: Please, check the different meanings of hopping and hoping you can turn to Google to get the answer and come back here to discuss the results. TOEIC listening, question-response: Why do you want to improve your English skills? I have an experience to study abroad in Canada for about one year. However, now I feel that my English skills are not accrate enough. There are three reasons why I want to improve my English skills. They are to be a great English teacher, to work in forein country and to educate English to my future children. First, I want to improve my English skills more in order to be a respectful teacher.

If teachers have skillful English, astudents will get high motivation to study English for their future. I want to make my classes fun that students have a lotb of fun through my English classes. Second, in order to work in forein country that I need to level up my English skills. In fact, I want to get a job in English world so having high English skills are reqirements. Especiallly, fluent speaking are needed to communicate with co-workers there. Finally, it is important to improve my English skills if I want to teach English to my future children. One of my dreams is to have a conmversation with own children in English. That would be so much fun. In conclusion, the reason why I want to improve my English skills are to be a great English teacher, to work in forein country and to educate English to my future children. Therefore, I have been taking time to level up my English for many years.

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