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yamaha or casio keyboard which is better

Calvin, this would be a difficult choice if it weren't for one thing. Here on The Keyboard Corner, we've got Mike Martin to answer any question about Casio products that you can come up with - promptly. I am certain Yamaha has representation somewhere, but I can't remember seeing anyone representing Yamaha posting on this forum, helping guys like you, and answering all of our questions within 24 hours or less. Narrow your decision to a couple of keyboards. Consider the price. Consider the action. Consider the tone qualilty. But remember - within this community of keyboard players, being able to discuss your needs with someone of this caliber who will get back to you without delay is a very big deal.

We have lots of good folks representing solid manufacturers on The Keyboard Corner. Mike Martin is but one. These are the guys who continue to make The Keyboard Corner particularly beneficial to us keyboard players, novices and pros alike. Good luck!
Which piano you should buy is going to be up to your own preferences and price range. However, these are some criteria you can use to make that decision critically: Sound: Entry level digital pianos use what are called samples to generate a sound from a keypress.

Each company has spent lots of money recording every individual key of a high-quality piano at different dynamic levels, and then done quite a lot to program how these sounds will be played back based on input from the keyboard. Many digital pianos offer more than one sound option, but rarely will options on one brand of keyboard be identical to those on another (unless they have licensed the sounds from a third party). On the high end of digital pianos, lots of modeling is done to decide how different "strings" interact with one another and with the various pedals, but you at least want to make sure you're getting a range of sound you're happy with at the low end of things.

Feel: In my opinion, this is the most important criteria for digital pianos. Chances are, the sound is going to be rather close to that of an acoustic, but the feel is a little bit harder to replicate. On the low-low end of digital keyboards, each key is just supported by a spring and that's that, but on the ultra-high end, each key has a replicated double-escapement piano mechanism behind it with hammers weighted the same as the felts on an acoustic piano.

Most digital pianos have a graded hammer weighting system, but limit the mechanism significantly. The keyboards you're comparing are going to be similar in complexity, but will likely vary in the precise feel of the mechanism; a lot of R D is spent developing that proprietarily. I/O: Make sure the speakers are of a pleasing quality, and that the keyboard in question has all of the input/output you need; things like MIDI or USB, Line In/Out, headphone jacks, etc.

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