why toronto is the best city in the world

16= Toronto, Canada
Put simply: Toronto is fun, says. With top-notch restaurants and theatre, museums and art galleries, there is plenty to see and do. The downtown skyscrapers mark CanadaБs financial hub, but after hours, business folk swap suits for shorts and head outside in summer; in winter, they pull on parkas and ice skates. North AmericaБs fourth-largest city, Toronto buzzes with 200,000 students and a population representing 200 nations. As well as ethnic restaurants, the food scene features some of CanadaБs best chefs, all following the 'fresh and local' mantra. Getting around is easy on the efficient transport system; Niagara Falls are two hours away. Бб Toronto isP, but it doesn t even crack the Top 10 best cities in Canada, according to a new report. When it comes to ranking the best Canadian cities, Toronto fails when it comes to affordable housing, having a liveable retirement, and in eight other categories.

The winners, according to MoneySense? PWood Buffalo, Alta. , and Petawawa, Ont. (northwest of Ottawa). The city with the cheapest homes is Bathurst. That s in New Brunswick, where the average home price is $108,846. And the best city to retire is Rimouski, Que. , with its low property taxes, museums andPgolf courses. Related story: Toronto, with its multicultural makeup and international reputation, isn t even the best city for newcomers: that honour goes to Ottawa with its high-tech sector,Pgovernment jobs and cultural diversity. The best city to raise kids is Blainville, Que. , where costs are capped at $8 a day. In Toronto, which works out to about $21,000 a year. So we ll give them that one. The richest city in Canada is West Vancouver, where the average household net worth is $3. 5 million. However, the city with the highest household income is Wood Buffalo, where the median income is $191,631. In Toronto, the average household net worth is $707,462, and median household income is $60,209.

While Toronto real-estate prices are routinely described as skyrocketing, , the city with the fastest-growing home prices in percentage terms is Alma, Que. Home prices in Alma grew by 14 per centPyear-over-year, MoneySense reported. The fastest-growing city in the country isPOkotoks, Alta. , where the annualized population growth rate between 2011 and 2016 was 3. 63 per cent. The population is now 30,267, MoneySense reported. PFor comparison, the population of Toronto is 2,849,222. So keep reaching for that rainbow, Okotoks! The city with the most cyclists is Victoria, British Columbia, where 6. 15 per cent of the population cycles to work. In Toronto, meanwhile, cops are cracking down on vehicles parked in bike lanes, and a dedicated lane is coming to Bloor street. What costs more, daycare or university tuition? WatchPthe video below or to view it.

Finally, Toronto was bested by Petawawa as the city with the lowest crime rate. In Petawawa, the crime rate is 1,823. 6 reported incidents per 100,000 residents. In Toronto, it s 3,323. 76Preported incidentsPper 100,000 residents, according to MoneySense. But we shouldn t feel too bad. Overall, large cities didn t fare very well in the MoneySense list of the best places to live. Toronto ranked the highest among large cities at number 43, Vancouver was 44, Calgary was 66 and Montreal didn t even crack the top 100. On the flip side, Toronto was named the most livable city in the world in August, and will hold the title until a new list is published by Metropolis Magazine this August. But we re not worried: we ve made the list since 2012. We have, and no less than the New York Times. And that s definitely worth gloating about. Rogers Media is the parent company of MoneySense magazine and this website.

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