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Written by Ram Sasidhar, Global Ambassador and
student at, Class of 2017. If you are passionate about working in the field of business but do not have any previous experience or come from a non-business background, you might be struggling with the question: What type of job should I go into? Don t worry, we ve all struggled with the same question at some point in the beginning of our career. And I am no exception to that. I look at my engineering degree as an experience which gave me an understanding of IT and helped me find business-related jobs in the IT industry. Im from India, where it s commonplace for your parents to encourage you to do engineering first, before you figure out what you want to do with your career later. It was the same in my family. I did my first degree in Engineering in Information Technology. I look at my engineering degree as an experience that gave me an understanding of IT and helped me find business-related jobs in the IT industry. Despite my engineering degree, my passion is for marketing. I like creating impact and selling ideas to people. Since I didn t have any academic background in business or management, it was hard for me to find a business-related role in large companies. That was when I started looking at opportunities within startups, where I landed a role in a marketing and business development department. The skills and expertise I gained through sales and business development helped me immensely in making decisions about every aspect of my career. I worked for three years in the field of business development. This experience gave me an understanding of how to find potential clients, pitch a product or service, and persuade companies to do business with you. Im an introvert who came out of his comfort zone to do cold calling to potential clients. I researched a lot to find companies who might be interested in our product. I practiced sales scripts to ensure a great conversation with them. I understood my company and product or service on a deep levelhow it would help my clients and how I could communicate the value proposition.

I worked extra hard to close every deal to reach my targets. I worked along with the marketing department and account management team to take care of customers and through this, I learned what success means for the customer. The entire process gave me an insight into how a business cycle works, and working with other teams gave me an idea of what they do within the company. This is one of the best experiences I ve had in my career. The skills and expertise I gained through sales and business development helped me immensely to make decisions on every aspect of my career. You do not know what you are capable of unless you get out of your comfort zone and try something new. The process of generating leads and qualifying them will help you grow. You will learn how to find people and understand if they are a good fit for the product. [Tweet #Sales and #BD roles builds your confidence. ] As a sales person you need to have a clear understanding of your product or service and how it can help people. From lead generation to closing a deal, the entire process will help you improve your communication skills and give you a significant business network. Reaching out to companies or customers, pitching the product, negotiating, and closing a deal is valuable business experience which builds incredible confidence as a business professional. Beyond these skills, you learn to network like a boss internally and externally, and networking is everything in business. You can also reap great rewards, and who doesnt like to be rewarded for their efforts? So, I recommend to newbies in the field of business, not to ignore jobs in business development and sales. It may be just the stepping stone you are looking for. Ram is a student from India. He has a background in business development and marketing with 3 years experience in the IT and eCommerce industry.

He co-founded a think tank based in India that worked with international and non-profit organizations in China, Europe, and the US. Ram is passionate about traveling, script writing, and watching films. Ram can be reached directly through his. Why choose a career in sales? For those who know little about the ever-evolving world of inside sales, its a fair question. But anyone familiar with the industry knows that theres no shortage of benefits to choosing a career in sales. Most soon-to-be graduates dont really understand what a sales career is all about. When they think about roles in sales, common misperceptions come to mind:, unwarranted promotional calls from Comcast, and going door-to-door selling knives. These stereotypes couldnt be further from the truth. In reality, sales careers are low-risk and high-upside. And while some cold calling may be involved early on in your sales career, the days of field sales are coming to an end; few inside sales reps ever have to leave the office to close a deal. But the problem remains: the advantages of sales careers havent been fully realized by college students heading off into the real world. dug into this issue. Companies hiring for inside sales roles often have a difficult time attracting talent. , it takes 41 days on average to fill tech sales jobs, compared to just 33 days for all other jobs. This extended hiring process presents a real challenge for high-growth companies. , a cloud-based SaaS company, claimed that it had to cut back its revenue forecast by $2 million because hiring fell short of goal in 2014. So why arent more young people eager to jump into sales careers? Well, there are a few common stereotypes responsible for this lack of interest: Its high-risk and ultra-competitive. Youre either born do it it or youre not. The primary objective is to take peoples money. Do any of these misconceptions possess an ounce of validity?

Maybe, but theyre certainly blown out of proportion. Is a career in sales risky? Not as risky as one might expect. Recent graduates just getting their feet off the ground may be hesitant about jobs with base salaries and commission, but this skepticism isnt entirely justified. The average base salary for sales jobs has increased nearly 12% from 2010 to 2014, while commission has remained stable. Not to mention that sales reps in the tech space reeled in a median annual wage of $75k in 2012 thats more than double the median for the average worker. Is sales ultra-competitive? While there is undeniably an inherent competitive aspect of sales, this isnt the. Rather, sales teams foster healthy competition by encouraging teams to work together to achieve common goals. Individual goals are also made more collaborative through gamification, using apps like our. Are some people just born to sell? Sure, that some people are genetically designed to be more extroverted than others. But you dont have to possess a certain chemical makeup to be an effective salesperson. Sales is more about hard work, strategy, and persistence than your gene pool. In addition, its not just one personality type that makes for a good rep. Introverts actually bring a lot to the table in the field of sales, and a successful team will be made up of a. Do salespeople just want to take peoples money? While the ultimate goal of sales is to generate revenue, inside sales isnt about ripping people off. Rather, its about improving peoples lives and businesses with your product or service. Its about proving that you can make peoples lives easier through. If youre a college student or recent grad considering a career in sales, dont be blinded by the stereotypes. Inside sales is a promising career path that can provide you with: To learn more about what your career in inside sales could look like, check out our.

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