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xbox 360 disconnects from live when i start a game

the Moderate NAT is unlikely to be the problem truth be told. But you might want to fix that anyways. Anyways the only thing i can think of is that your game is booting up, which commonly boots you off the game
however for some reason it's not doing that for you. I suggest you go in and delete your Cache in your system settings / memory / hover over your harddrive and click Y, delete system cache. Also when you run connection test, and you click more info. Does it say anything besides "your NAT settings are moderate"? possibly your MTU settings are too low? If that doesn't fix, call xbox support, there are more tools available to us to help you.

I'm not currently at work, and without you being ont he phone with me, it's going to take a really long time for me to troubleshoot your issue. Also are you running xbox live on Broadband internet? have you previously connected to xbox live with this connection? is it your first time connecting to xbox live? has there been any recent changes to your network? Do you have a wireless turtle beach headset or any other non-microsoft accessory? Respond to me with all these questions answered, also when you call xbox customer support they're going to ask you most of the same questions.

Now that i recall, my last customer surprisingly had the same issue, and it was solved by unplugging their wireless turtle beach headset and moving it away from the console. So make sure you don't have any other wireless accessories near the xbox Hello everyone,I have the same problems that all the users where reporting. When I play directly to my modem I have a really good connecting and when i plug it into the router and get disconnected every single time. I've call Xbox Customer Support at 1800-4MY-XBOX an they told me about: -NAT Type -Ports -Firmware -IP Adress,DNS,Subnet Mask and Gateway -The NAT Type need to be open because you may have problem earings other players or joining games. -The Ports,you need to open special ports on the router for Xbox Live Do it like this in the router settings: Xbox 360 #1 UDP 88 IP Adress:Your Xbox 360 IP Adress Xbox 360 #2 TCP:80 IP Adress:Your Xbox 360 IP Adress Xbox 360#3 UDP:3074 TCP:3074 IP Adress:Your Xbox 360 IP Adress Xbox 360 #4 UDP:53 TCP:53 IP Adress:You Xbox 360 IP Adress -The Firmware,you need to check to you router computer service support or on the internet compagny page to check for the firmware if you have the latest one. -For the IP Adress,DNS,Subnet Mask and Gateway you need to call the compagny of your router and check for the correctly IP Adress,Gateway.

Subnet Mask and DNS. I did all my router compagny told me and still don't,I think because of the phone whose connected to internet by IP Adress if its'nt that please someone help me.

For those who haven't done any of those step do it and then check out if this work. Thank you to all! Gamertag:Qc YounG GunZ x

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