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www whatsapp com nokia and upgrade to the latest version

Open WhatsApp and go to Options Settings About. Go to Options again Check for update. Follow the on screen instructions to install the update. You can also check for updates manually at http://www. whatsapp. com/download. The process of updating WhatsApp will likely solve problems and may also include new features.

Remember that you do not need to remove or uninstall WhatsApp in order to update. If you do remove WhatsApp, you may lose your entire WhatsApp chat history. To learn more about chat history read.
WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform messenger application, and this version is compatible with Nokia phones.

Quick and easy instant messaging between users of varying phone systems and international providers is one of WhatsApp Messenger's most appealing features. You can also start a group conversation with several of your contacts. If you are unavailable, the application even records messages that you received while offline so that you can see them later on.

You can also send and receive multimedia files, including images, videos, and voice notes. Because the app operates like an SMS exchange and uses phone numbers seamlessly integrated from your address book, it asks for neither PINs nor usernames.

The software also allows you to block contacts, keep track of your message history, personalize notification sounds, share your location, and much more. An unlimited internet data plan is recommended when using this application.

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