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why is ohio so important in the election

Most of the large states lean pretty heavily in one direction or another. fivethirtyeight. com gives Clinton a 99. 9% chance of winning California, worth the most electoral votes. They give Trump an 85% chance of winning Texas. Since these states are all winner-take-all, it s just assumed that Clinton gets all of California s votes and Trump gets all of Texas s votes.

If you add up all the safe states for each side, they both have about 230 of the 270 votes they need locked up. So it s the handful of states that are about 50/50 on who to vote for that really get a lot of focus. And of the states that are in play, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are the ones with the most electoral votes.
JONATHAN MARTIN, THE NEW YORK TIMES: ItБs different because of two big factors.

Number one is the sort of changing nature of the Democratic Party. It is now built on a coalition that includes less working class white voters and more whatБs been called a coalition of the ascendant Б younger voters, non-white voters, female voters and itБs more Б itБs more affluent now.

And Ohio is a traditional Rust Belt state. And thatБs the other piece of it. The demographics of Ohio are more forbidding for Democrats given their current nature today. So, if youБre Hillary Clinton, youБre going to compete in Ohio Б sheБs not going to pull out of there.

In fact, sheБs going back next week. But itБs not essential. So, itБs just not the sort of quintessential battleground state it has been in years passed because the bottom line is she doesnБt need it to get the necessary 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

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