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why does juliet kiss romeo after he is dead

"In Sophocles, Haemon killed himself at the tomb of Antigone, as does Romeo in the tomb of Juliet; but Sophocles does not show us this scene of love and death; gloomy vaults do not accord with ideas of love and marriage in Greek art. But in Romeo's case, on the contrary, the horror redoubles his ardour; he feels more impassioned, more enthusiastic, more loving, if I may dare to say so, not merely because this is the last time that he will contemplate Juliet's beauties, but because am I deceived? these funeral scenes harmonize with the fancy of this lover, the creation of Shakespeare's genius. Note his words; he speaks with neither horror nor disgust - of what? of the very worms which are to devour his adored one. Thus did he picture Juliet, and never did he love her more fondly, no! not even when he left her at the first beams of the morning, at the first song of the lark; not even when the dawn shone upon their loving adieux were Romeo's words so burning as in this frightful charnel-house; nature awaking wreathed in smiles from a night of love spoke less impressively to his heart than the aspect of the grave. " Saint-Marc Girardin.
Meanwhile, in Mantua, Romeo waits for news.

A servant called Balthasar arrives and tells Romeo that he has heard that Juliet has died. Romeo decides to buy some poison. He plans to go to see Juliet's body where he will take the poison and die next to her. Meanwhile, Friar John explains to Friar Lawrence that the letter he wanted him to take to Romeo explaining the truth about Juliet didn't get delivered. Friar Lawrence decides to go to the tomb and wait for Juliet to wake up while he sends another letter to Romeo. That same evening, Paris goes to Juliet's tomb with some flowers.

He hears a noise and decides to investigate. Romeo pays Balthasar off and breaks into the Capulet tomb. Paris tries to stop him. Romeo begs him to leave him alone, but Paris thinks he is vandalising the tomb. They fight. Romeo kills Paris. Just before Paris dies he asks Romeo to place him next to Juliet's body. Romeo is sad that he had to kill Paris and takes him into the tomb to be near Juliet. When Romeo sees Juliet lying in the tomb, he can't believe that she is dead because she looks so beautiful. He hugs her and kisses her. He takes the poison then kisses her again and dies. Friar Lawrence finds the bodies of Paris and Romeo just as Juliet is about to wake up. Juliet wakes up and asks the Friar where Romeo is. He hears a noise and begs Juliet to come away with him, but when she finds out that Romeo is dead, she refuses to go with him.

Friar Lawrence runs away. Juliet tries to kiss the poison off Romeo's lips. His lips are still warm, but there is not enough poison left on them to kill her. She takes his dagger and stabs herself. Some watchmen discover the bodies outside the tomb. They also find the Friar who is crying and shaking. Prince Escalus and Juliet's mother and father arrive with Romeo's father. Friar Lawrence tells them all the truth about the wedding and their children's deaths. He feels so guilty that he asks the Prince to punish him, but Prince Escalus won't because the Friar is a holy man. Prince Escalus blames Montague and Capulet, but he also blames himself for not doing enough to stop the violence. Capulet and Montague decide to end their rift. Montague offers to have a statue of Juliet made. The play ends as the Prince says that this is the saddest story ever told.

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