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why do you want to become a mystery shopper

Are you looking to earn some extra money in your part time? В Thinking about becoming a mystery shopper but not sure if you should take the plunge? Mystery shopping has been around for many years and thousands of people use it as a way of boosting their income and buying themselves a few nice things from time to time! With that said, itвs not for everyone, so here are 10 reasons that you should become a mystery shopper today:
Earn money in your spare time в One of the biggest appeals of mystery shopping is that you are able to work flexibly, work around your own life schedule. If you already have another job, no problem! A lot of people who earn from mystery shopping already work full or part time, very few mystery shoppers actually do it as their full-time job. Control your income в There are a wide range of mystery shopping jobs available, you can put in as many hours as you like giving you control over your income. If you feel over time that you are able to put more hours into mystery shopping then you can easily do that. В Either take on more mystery shopping tasks, or join another mystery shopper agency, the flexibility is there! Itвs relatively stress free в In comparison to a lot of other jobs, mystery shopping is relatively stress free, there arenвt particularly any targets to worry about which makes it quite an easy going job. There are usually regular jobs and mystery shoppers are always in demand at any time of the year, so you donвt have to worry too much about a lack of work. Good level of variety в While some mystery shopping jobs might require you to work within the same industry, others can vary from grocery to restaurants, travel, hospitality, retail and more. The other bonus here is that mystery shopping companies look for a range of people with different skills and abilities. For example moms with young children, people who are into fashion or people who like to visit restaurants.

You will certainly be working with and meeting lots of different people, and learn a whole lot about business along the way, so thereвs never really a dull moment! Do what you already do, but get paid for it! в Mystery shopping can easily fit in with your own shopping or entertainment plans, you can even use the time to buy your weeks grocery shopping for example. except you are being paid to be there! Keep a range of products (for free! ) Sometimes mystery shopping takes will require you to make a purchase, which you will usually be reimbursed for, in a lot of cases you will also get to keep that product too and likely earn some cash in addition. This is typically food drink items or fast-food however can include hardware items and even tech products. Work independently, no boss permanently talking over you! в As a mystery shopper, you are essentially your own boss, you have reports to write after each store visit, but other than that thereвs no one constantly telling you what to do, or how to do it. Help make a difference в As a mystery shopper you are helping to point out the good and bad points of a business, which others simply donвt notice. The information that you report as a mystery shopper can and does make a real difference to businesses on a daily basis. Something to add to your resume в Mystery shopping is quite a responsible job, although there are not many required skills, it does require someone who has a good attention to detail and a good ability at analysing situations. Itвs certainly something positive for you to add to your resume for future employers to see, you can even mention all of the top name businesses that you have worked with! Take your children to work в For moms with young children, mystery shopping is the ideal setting to take your children to work with you! (So long as you can keep focused on the task at hand that is. ).

Convinced yet? В Why not give it a try yourself and seeв it could be your dream job and you might never look back. It wonвt cost you any money to get started, so youвve lost very little if it doesnвt quite work out. You can, or from your own site. Most people think mystery shopping is the type of job you can just sign up for and then begin making money. This is hardly the case, as being a good mystery shopper and finding work as one, requires some special skills and attributes. The best mystery shoppers of course, enjoy shopping. They must also like working with people and thrive on flexible work hours as well as non-traditional work environments. Good mystery shoppers know how to be objective. It is important as a mystery shopper to keep an open mind when evaluating stores. It is easier than you might think to be biased either positively or negatively if you have attended a shop or restaurant before as a non-mystery shopper. It is important to keep your previous experiences or biases to yourself and evaluate the store or product under the professional eye of a mystery shopper. In some cases, mystery shoppers are asked to act a certain way. In this case, mystery shoppers should feel comfortable acting and not let their feelings get in the way of the objectives of their. Mystery shoppers in general must feel comfortable presenting themselves as an everyday customer to the business. This makes their shopping experience as reliable and accurate as it can be, allowing them to report on their assignment with clarity and objectiveness. It is also very important for mystery shoppers to be detail oriented. It is critical as a shopper to be able to recognize several details at once.

For example, it is important to remember and accurately portray how the employees were dressed and carrying themselves as well as the appearance of the store when you were walking in. You might also have to remember if you were greeted and how long it took for you to be greeted and this is just in the first few minutes of your shop! Thus, multi-tasking and being detail oriented are very important skills for a good mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers must also have good communication skills. How they communicate their experience back to their employer or client is essential for the businesses who hire them. Therefore it is important for mystery shoppers to take detailed notes about their assignment so they can accurately portray the right information back to their employer. Timeliness is also an important qualification for a good mystery shopper. Completing your assignment on time and reporting back in a timely manner is one of the most important aspects of a mystery shopper s assignment aside from the evaluation itself. The last qualifying matter of being a mystery shopper is simply being yourself. An assignment might require a certain age demographic or type of person. For example a car dealer ship might want to see how its employees react to young, female car buyers. Thus, an assignment such as this won t be given to an older male mystery shopper. It is the only facet of mystery shopping you cannot ultimately control. However, the majority of assignments do not require a specific demographic from their shoppers. As you can see, it takes a certain set of skills and personality traits to be a good mystery shopper. Those people who are detail oriented, enjoy shopping, are timely, flexible, organized and can be objective are the kinds of people who make great mystery shoppers and do well in the industry over time.

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