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why do you want to become a midwife

Nursing and midwifery are rewarding, exciting, challenging and diverse professions that can take you anywhere. There are a number of reasons to become a nurse or midwife here s just a few. Whether you choose to be a general nurse, a midwife, or specialise in areas such as cardiology, intensive care or mental health, your job will provide you with the flexibility to progress and learn new skills while still maintaining a life outside of work. As well as being in demand locally, the skills you learn are recognised globally, allowing you to work almost anywhere in the world. A huge amount of satisfaction and respect comes from making a difference in people s lives. From working with infants to the elderly, it s truly a rewarding experience. No day is ever the same. Each patient s needs are different and you will use a range of your skills to provide them with the best level of care. Nurses and midwives can work in a number of settings including hospitals, community centres, home visitation and schools.

They can also work in different locations, from metropolitan and regional WA to interstate and overseas.
Women who work with a midwife throughout pregnancy have, according to reviewed data from 13 trials involving 16,242 women in The Cochrane Library. The same research found women who work with a midwife are less likely to lose their babies before 24 weeks. And having a midwife as your health care provider is associated with fewer epidurals, fewer episiotomies, and fewer assisted births. Midwives aim to instill a great deal of self-trust in their patients. "We put the belief in women that they can do whatever they put their mind to," explains midwife Pam Hetrick, CNM, of the in Willoughby, Ohio. "This is so important in pregnancy to give women the power and knowledge to be prepared for labor and birth and care for their newborn. " Women who received.

Having a midwife makes you no more likely to have a C-section. If you're interested in natural childbirth, midwifery philosophy is very much in line with the sort of labor and delivery you would like to plan. They can also work with you to have a. Although there are certainly OB/GYNs who believe in this philosophy, as well, midwives are particularly committed to helping a woman carry out her ideal birth experience/plan (unmedicated, homebirth, etc. ). "We truly believe that women are our partners in healthcare," says Hetrick. "We support women in their choices that they make for themselves and their baby. " They're also committed to providing the mother with, continuous hands-on assistance during labor and delivery, and postpartum support, according to their model of care. By choosing a midwife, you'll automatically have more options for where you can give birth, such as in a birthing center or at home.

The includes that the provider will monitor the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother through her pregnancy. Hetrick explains, "We provide them with more than their physical care, but emotional and spiritual needs of the mother and her family. " The cost of childbirth could be less with a midwife, as they often offer payment plans, sliding fees, and are willing to accept most insurance plans including Medicaid. Midwives routinely identify and refer women who require obstetrical attention, so if your circumstances change and you do need a medical doctor, your midwife can play "middlewoman" in that situation. Women who have midwives have fewer recovery complications. There are over a nurse-midwife setting inside or outside of the hospital, according to doctoral research conducted by Dr. Peter Schlenzka, Ph. D. of Stanford University. How do you feel about choosing a midwife over a OB/GYN? Image via Corbis

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