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why do so many students dropout of college

Seeing a student drop out of college in their first year is heartbreaking. That is what we call a waste of talent. They struggle to get into college and, right before they take to the sky, they abort the take off at the last minute. The Work-School Balance The living costs for every student are very high. They need to pay the rent, books, commute, food, and so on. This is the main reason why they need to get a job. Most of the time, they need a full-time job to earn enough money to live. This is when the work-school balance tends to disrupt. They work 8 hours a day and the time left is not enough. Apart from that, after working 8 hours, you are very tired, you are not able to retain the information offered during classes. This is when you lose your classesв pace and you are left behind.

High Costs Like we said before, the costs of attending college are very high. Tuition fees range between $5. 000 and $50. 000 and many people canвt afford it to pay in cash. Even if theyвd like to opt for a loan, their financial background wonвt permit it. This is one of the main reasons freshmen students drop out of college. A reduction of these outrageous fees should be considered. They limit studentsв access to education. They Are Not Prepared for College Many of the freshmen are still kids, they feel like everything is a game. College is something you donвt play around with. Itвs a very important process in everyoneвs lives. By the time they realize they shouldnвt have dropped college, they donвt have time left to have one more try.

They have other duties, kids, a family, and the ship left port. They Get Distracted Especially when going from a small town to a bigger, vivid city you might get distracted. The first thing you will do, once you land at college, is going to a party. Parties, drugs, and alcohol have a high impact on a teenagerвs personality. They can have very serious consequences for your results and future. ConclusionCollege dropouts are a very sad example of how the educational system fails us. If the leaders of this system would pay attention to these reasons, the dropout rate would plummet to the ground. is the person you want to meet when having tough times during college. He started working as an
and now she is a professional assignment counselor.

He wants to improve our educational system, one assignment at a time. Georgia State University decided to combat the problem of summer melt with an autobot called БPounce,Б named after their panther mascot. This autobot sends text message reminders to students who havenБt completed the enrollment checklist before the deadlines. But the autobot doesnБt stop with reminders, it also allows students to text questions about anything they might need help with, like Бwhen is the deadline for FASFAБ or БHow can I register for classes? Б In the first year after Pounce was introduced, the number of students who dropped out before the start of semester went from 18%-14%. It was a simple and cost-effective solution.

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