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why do you want to become a correctional officer

Prepare ahead of time for the questions interviewers you will most likely be asked during the interview. Common questions include: БWhy do you want to be a corrections officer? Б and БWhat are your strengths and weaknesses? Б Your answers should succinctly answer the questions and put you in the best light. Answers should reflect your passion for law enforcement or your lifelong dream to work in the prison system.

The strengths and weaknesses you talk about should be directly associated with the type of work youБll be doing and highlight your abilities to do the job well. Practice your answers before the interview so they donБt sound rehearsed.
Corrections is one of the few fields that offers you the opportunity to serve your community, keep citizens safe and truly change peoples lives.

Whether youre interested in working within institutional correctional facilities (prisons, jails and detention centers) or the community corrections arena (probation, parole and pretrial services), there are a variety of ways you can contribute to your community within this dynamic and exciting field. The Corrections field employs individuals with interests and backgrounds in criminal and juvenile justice; education; medical, dental, and mental health services; policy, research, planning and evaluation; maintenance and operational services; office management; accounting and finance; human resources; nutrition and food services; and information and technology, just to name a few.

Please read four important reasons why you should consider entering the Corrections field today.

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