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why is nitrogen used in food packaging

Nitrogen gas has long been used in the food packaging industry to help preserve the freshness, integrity, and quality of the delivered product. Food packaging types include: bags, bottles, cans, boxes, plastic, and cardboard containers. Manufacturers often use nitrogen purging to displace oxygen from the package before sealing it closed. The presence of oxygen introduces moisture which can deteriorate the food quality. Using nitrogen gas to purge food packaging of oxygen is a safe practice widely used throughout the food industry. Another reason that nitrogen gas is often used for food packaging is to provide a pressurized atmosphere that prevents package collapse. Using N
gas in this way helps ensure that more delicate foods, such as chips and crackers, won t get crushed in the bags where they re stored.

The best way to use nitrogen in food packaging is with a nitrogen generator. South-Tek Systems nitrogen generator technology is a safe, reliable, and cost effective alternative to high pressure N cylinders. В As a leading N Generator manufacturer, South-Tek Systems produces nitrogen generator systems that are designed and built to suit each customer s unique needs. We will manufacture nitrogen generator systems for anything from fire sprinkler systems and food processing to nitrogen infused coffee. To find out more about South-Tek Systems, nitrogen generators, and what we can do for your Food application, read on below or contact us today at 888-526-6284. The actual food product you are creating is only half the battle; you also have to package it in an attractive and effective way.

The purpose of food packaging goes far beyond making your product look good: It is responsible for keeping it fresh and minimizing damage in shipping and storage. Thatвs why most food packaging companies turn to nitrogen gas. Here is a closer look at why brands use nitrogen gas in food packaging, as well as the main reasons to invest in on site nitrogen gas. The main purpose of nitrogen gas in food packaging is to displace the oxygen and fill the air space within the package. All industries and all types of packaging can benefit from nitrogen gas. From cans and bottles to bags and boxes, these are the main benefits of filling your food packaging with nitrogen: Your Product Will Have a Longer Shelf LifeВ в Bacteria have to have one thing to survive: oxygen.

So by getting rid of the oxygen and filling the packaging with nitrogen, there is no way for mildew, mold, or other harmful substances to form on your product once it leaves your facility. Your Product Will Maintain Its Quality в Another thing that can destroy your product is moisture. However, when all of the vacant space is full with nitrogen, there is no room for the moisture to enter, so you donвt have to worry about it destroying the food. Your Product Will Stay IntactВ в If you have packaging that leaves no buffer between the food and all of the items it comes into contact with during shipping and storage, you can be sure the product will get broken. However, when you fill the entire container with nitrogen, it provides a built-in barrier to keep the food safe from harm.

As you can see, using nitrogen gas in food packaging is an obvious choice. The next clear choice is to invest in your own on site nitrogen gas system. This way, you can create your own nitrogen gas whenever you need it. You wonвt have to deal with the delivery and storage of nitrogen cylinders, and you will never run out of your supply. At On Site Gas Systems, we are the leading manufacturer of on site nitrogen gas systems. We can work with you to create a customized nitrogen gas generator that will help you up your production and reduce the amount of waste your company has to face. To learn more about our on site nitrogen gas and how it can benefit your foodвs packaging,.

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