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There arenБt many careers as diverse as accountancy. It offers unrivalled opportunities, potential for international travel, a competitive salary and job security. Read on to find out some of the many benefits of becoming an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. Globally, a chartered accountantБs average salary plus bonus, 0-2 years post-qualification, is бе49. 9k. ICAEW Chartered Accountants work at 97% of the worldБs 100 leading global brands and 100% of the best global green brands. A training agreement consists of practical work experience as well as studying and exams. YouБll receive an attractive salary and full support from your employer throughout your training, with them often paying for your qualification and giving you time off to study. You donБt need a business or financial degree to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant Б all degrees are welcome. Chartered accountants work for organisations of all shapes and sizes and across a wide variety of sectors and industries. Many of them even start up and run their own businesses.

The ACA is recognised around the world. In fact our members work in over 154 countries worldwide and ICAEW is a founding partner of Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW). Working as a chartered accountant is a rewarding, interesting and exciting career.
In my articleship, I learnt Tally an ERP software which is basically used as an accounting software and I started a website on it. I learnt to create websites when I was in 11th I started it and now I am earning about the same as an average CA would earn. Even if I do nothing, it brings me money every month. I had also started another site called BookNagari. We were selling CA books online on that website but due to non availability of affordable courier rates, we had to close it down. At that point I got to know that CA books actually weigh on an average 1 Kg. After that, I have started two more websites but I am not updating it right now on a regular basis because of CA studies. You can look at my bio to know about those websites.

In the future when I become a CA, I have plans to start some other companies related to internet and the knowledge I have gained in CA will certainly help me. CA course apart from giving you a distinction in terms of finance, it will also give you an edge in reasoning and management if you know how you can learn them in CA. Why Do You Want To Become An Engineer? - With A Free Essay Review - EssayJudge Reasoning and Management are the skills required to run multinational companies and even countries. Rapid Growth The field of Chartered Accountancy offers rapid growth to its professionals. With the increase in economic activity, the demand for Chartered Accountants is increasing in all market sectors may it be industry, trade, financial institutions or banks; even in sectors like education and social welfare our ambassadors are setting unique practices of integrity and professionalism. Business Qualification Initially Chartered Accountants were believed to be experts with knowledge of only accountancy and audit but their scope in business has now been changed.

The Institute has tailored its syllabus to incorporate combination of technical and management skills, keeping in view the latest developments in the accounting profession worldwide. Thus our professionals are not just experts in the fields of Accounts and Audit but are also well-aware of the latest business practices in the fields of information technology, law, tax, marketing, human resource management etc. Most Economical Qualification The Institute offers the lowest admission costs. Not only this, but during Chartered Accountancy students join training and are paid stipend that serves as a decent pocket money so at the end of the day the student may incur his own expenses. Private Practice So one fine morning it suddenly dawns upon you that being an employee is not your cup of tea. Well, your route is very simple! You can open your own practice and be your own boss! Posted by Abul at.

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