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If you happen to be one of those enthusiasts who wish to make a career in theбmedical field,бprepare well for the selection process. In order to select the right candidate, each applicant is thoroughly scrutinized. бThe successful applicant needs to be impressive in personality, education and experience, and can thus secure the job. Many different kinds of questions are thrown at an applicant but the most important one is theб Statement of Purpose. Why you wish to become a nurse? Why have you chosen a career in the medical profession? Who you are and who inspires you? What is your career road map and where do you plan to go from here? What are your long term professional interests? Why do you want to become a nurse? There are different ways to respond regarding your motivation to become a nurse. Prepare by creating a list of the reasons that motivated you to select this profession, and try to elaborate on the best of them. For example:
Answer: б БBecause I love the work, caring for and working with people. Being a nurse is not an easy job. You need to be attentive; sensitive to peopleБs needs and have a drive to address their needs in an utmost concerned manner.

It is one of thoseб jobs,б so appreciated by people, that require long working hours and often, one must overlook oneБs needs and cater to patients. I am a sensitive, hard-working individual; perhaps, that is the reason why I got selected and was able to perform exceptionally well at Cheshire homes (* Cheshire homes are old age homes). Being there and having served elderly people has taught me to find positive value in life and giving generously of myself. I have also learned to stay calm and reassuring in emergency situations. I strongly feel that my skill sets and my experience will surely help me excel in thisб service orientedб job. Б Reasons that make my answer stand out in front of the rest: If you look at the first paragraph of my answer, you will realize that I have been able to highlight the fact that I know the job profile and I do not have anyб false perceptions б about it. By using words such as БAttentiveБ, БSensitiveБ, БAppreciatedБ and Бlong hoursБ I have been able to let the interviewer know that I am well informed about the job and have absolutely no hang ups.

The second paragraph validates my interest and states my experience in similar job profiles. The third paragraph is an amalgamation of the two paragraphs and it showcases profile-Candidate match mix. By mentioning Бservice oriented jobБ, I have further emphasized that I consider the job as not a job but as anб ongoing social service. 17 days until graduation!!! My first ideals of becoming a nurse mainly had to do with self-interests. I have a 6 year old boy who relies on me, and a beautiful fiancee who works her ass off supporting me (she's a manager at McDonalds), and I want to give them both a better life! However! Through out my 3 years at school, I've learned some things about myself. I've learned that money, while necessary, certainly isn't everything! I acquired a deep satisfaction when I started really getting into my clinicals. Teaching patients, they looked up to me as a source of knowledge, or a master of my craft (even though I was a mere student! ) and that felt amazing. Sitting around and talking to my patients, i. e. one patient I had was post-op (inguinal hernia repair. which I got to see!

Super cool. ), well, I just sat around and talked to him (after my morning care). We talked about chess, music, poetry, and you could just tell that he was exhilarated that I was just sitting with him, and talking to him (he came from a nursing home), and I was enjoying myself! Self-less rewards, and what-not. It's just so amazing, effecting people's lives in ways that one could never imagine. The tears I've shed watching a family suffer the pain of loss (I spent 40 minutes doing chest compressions on a patient to no avail ). The laughs I've shared with patients, fellow students, and staff. Coming home feeling like today I was blessed to be alive and healthy, and I went through my day feeling satisfied because I knew that I made a difference, however large or small. It will not be easy, I have no legitimate experience (I'm not an R. N. yet! ), but I know that this what I am here to do. Why do I want to be a nurse? Because I can't see myself doing anything else. Look out world, this (soon to be) R. N. is coming, to a hospital near you!

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