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why texas is the best state in america

20) BBQ. Need I say more? 19) Texas sweet tea: every Southern state claims to have the best sweet tea, but you ain't seen nothin' until you've tried our sweet tea. 18) High school football is a serious sport here. You'll never witness a more passionate group of people than the fans at a Friday night football game. 17) Plus, we're home to the #1 waterpark in the country, Schlitterbahn! I recommend the one in New Braunfels: it has the most rides, including the #1 ride in the country, the Master Blaster(get on this one first; the lines get crazy long in the summer). 16) Austin, Texas: home to the world's best BBQ while also being declared by PETA as the best place in the country to be vegan. Plus, it's the music capital of the country, best place to get tattooed, and hippies are mainstream here. Can't get much better than Austin. 15) Some of the most famous country singers of all time came out of Texas: Willie Nelson, George Strait, George Jones, Miranda Lambert, Pat Green, Mark Chesnutt, and Clint Black, to name a few. Country music runs deep in Texas' roots, that's for sure. 14) You haven't really experienced Texas until you've been to Buc-ee's and used the bathrooms.

They even have billboards 100 miles away from the nearest store: they're proud of their bathrooms and they want everyone to know it. 13) There's nothing quite like seeing beautiful patches of bluebonnets growing on the sides of the highways. 12) Big Bend National Park, home to four waterfalls, soaring mountains, hot springs, canyons, and magnificent wildlife. 11) Nothing beats a summer drive under endless blue Texas skies. 10) Or watching a summer thunderstorm roll in from a chair in your garage (or out in the middle of nowhere in West Texas. Take your pick). 9) Chips, queso, and salsa. Tex-Mex is a pretty big deal here, especially on 99 cent margarita nights. 8) The debate never ends between the Cowboys and Texans fans, but at least both teams are from Texas. That's what really counts. 7) This delicious ice cream originated in a little central Texas town called Brenham, and it's only sold directly in 23 states. Hopefully you live in one of them, otherwise, just go ahead and move to Texas.

That's the easiest, best solution, anyway. 6) Only Texans understand the sheer bliss of pulling out their inner tube when summer finally comes, and floating lazily down the Comal for three hours. 5) Seriously badass music festivals like SXSW in Austin. If it's great music you want, come to Austin. 4) Reasonable cost of living, plus NO STATE INCOME TAX! It doesn't get much better than Texas, folks. 3) Starry night skies as far as the eye can see. 2) Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, Texas. Besides the awesome jousting shows, medieval costumes, and authentic food, the words on the building behind the crowd sum up the rest of the festival pretty well. 1) The Texas State Fair. I mean, where else can you get that much fried food?
1. We're bigger than your state (unless you're Alaska, but nobody other than a few polar bears lives there anyway. ) 2. We were once our own country. 3. We have our own language. 4. We're gifted with beautiful wildflowers every spring. 5. We have the only good ice cream that exists in this world. 6. We're home to the #1 waterpark in all of America. 7.

There's always a Whataburger nearby. 8. You have to pay a state income tax and we don't! 9. Some of your favorite musical legends are from Texas. 10. There's an entire style of food named after us. 11. Our state is way more ecologically diverse than yours. We have majestic mountains in the middle of the desert. and lush greenery in the middle of a swampy forest. 12. We have the biggest rodeo IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (that's going on right now, by the way). 13. We have the largest colony of bats in the United States. 14. There's no sunrise like a Texas sunrise. 15. The Astrodome is the Eighth Wonder of the World. 16. And the Cowboys' Stadium is the WORLD'S largest column-free enclosed space with the 4th largest display screen. 17. The first man on the moon reached out to our state. 18. There are waffles shaped like our state. 19. River floatin'. 20. We invented the best beverage on earth. 21. Our bathrooms are cleaner than yours. 22. Our state fair has an awesome mascot welcoming everyone. 23. Everyone who's anyone knows this song. 24. Texas BBQ. 'Nuff said.

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