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why is new country music so bad

Before I jump in - you might like Saving Country Music ( ). Got some really cool country that doesn t stink, and its writers are generally pretty good. Might dispel the notion that there is no good country today. I m just going to come at this as a fan of pop music in general and a fan of a lot of the kinds of pop-country they play on the radio: I hear your complaints, and I don t think any of them particularly make the music absolutely terrible. What you might see as a negative isn t absolutely so. For example:
today the country music culture is full of songs about booze, trucks, tractors, and women. Let s ignore the fact that this is like saying that all hip-hop today is comprised of songs about drugs, alcohol, partying, and big booty hoes, and that saying this completely ignores the huge body of modern country music which doesn t deal with this stuff at all.

What s particularly bad about booze, trucks, tractors, and women, aside from the misogyny bit (which is admittedly an issue)? The lyrics aren t particularly meant to be profound, and you re allowed to get dumb sometimes and enjoy a simplistic pop song. Especially in conjunction with this: Almost every song sounds exactly the same, following the same chord structure, tone, and melodies Why is this bad? As humans, we crave repetition in our music. ( / ) The country that s on the radio today caters to that particularly well - the chord structures, twang (in guitar and voice), occasional fiddles, and straight beat are delectable when we ve listened to it enough. It s like saying Pop is crap because it uses the four chord song way too many times - like, yes, this is true, but it s also not necessarily bad at all. I m not sure there s a particularly comprehensive argument which extols the virtues of pop-country/bro-country, but I can come at it from a personal perspective: I like the country that s played on the radio.

I realize that it s repetitive and not lyrically engaging and lacks any sort of meaning (which IMO is a terrible reason to call music bad, but that s just me), but I don t really care. It s fun music which makes my drive to work in the summer go by more easily and reminds me of warmer weather when I m walking to class in the cold of late January. Saying music is objectively terrible (which I think you re trying to imply here, but I may be wrong) is silly because music means different things to different people and it s silly to begrudge the enjoyment of country music just because it s simplistic and redundant. I m not sure how much your original, summary view can be changed - I don t think my argument will help you enjoy country music any more than you do now.

However, I think it s worth considering that not everybody comes at music the same way you do - what might be terrible for you is, for others, fun music to put on with a few friends while you drink beer and barbeque on your patio. Terrible is in the eye of the beholder. I hear you on your complaints, and I agree that they are true, but I don t think that any of them renders country terrible. Why does country sound like pop music these days? Because evolution, or people not listening to just one kind of music, or some shit like that. You can tell I don t put much stock in that, can t you? As I have put it elsewhere, I get that people listen to different kinds of music and are influenced by it. But if a traditional country standard-bearer like Jason Boland can grow up listening to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, then Nashville pukes like Sam Hunt and Florida-Georgia Line don t have any legitimate excuse anymore.

And as far as the whole evolution thing goes, Deryl Dodd said it best not long after Pearl Snaps БIt doesnБt have to be the actual old hits of the Б70s or Б60s, but a music that puts a new twist on the traditional sound, like Dwight Yoakam and Alan Jackson. Б Or, in other words, music that at least maintains some link to its roots as it moves forward. I mean, really. All those Texas, Red Dirt, and Americana people that everyone sings the praises of donБt sound like Waylon or George Jones, but you can clearly tell they were at least influenced by those folks and all the folks that came after, like Keith Whitley, George Strait, Ricky Skaggs, etc.

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