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why we should not cut hair on tuesday

Unlike the present day where every profession has a holiday on Sunday, a. k. a the weekend, people in different professions had different days of the week as a holiday in ancient India. Barbers, whose job was not only doing haircuts but also trimming nails, observed their weekly holidays on Tuesdays. This was done so that people got a day off and still had access to other services that would still be available on their holiday. Eg. a vegetable vendor would still sell vegetables on a Tuesday, and since a barber is off on a Tuesday he could do his grocery shopping.

Likewise, on another day when a barber is on work, let's say the vegetable vendor is off and can get a haircut without worrying about his business.
Hair and nail grows everyday and this is the organ that increase the personality as well. People cut the nails and hair when they like. But according to mythology there are some of the days which is considered good and bad as sin cutting the hair.

Sunday: Sunday is the day of son. According to Mahabharata cutting hair and nail on this day you will lose property, mind and religion. Monday: Cutting on Monday is considered bad for the children this might cause abnormality. Tuesday: Cutting hair and nail on this day the life span is decreased. This might cause the sudden d*eath which is written on Mahabharata. Wednesday: The most appropriate day to cut nail and hair is Wednesday.

Cutting on this day the property will be increased and you will be happy. Thursday: Cutting hair or nail on this day you will lose the property. The reputation will be hampered if you cut it on this day. Friday: Friday is the day of Garah. This is the sign of beauty. So this day is good to cut hair and nail. Saturday: This day is considered bad, there will be the fear of d*eath if you cut nail or hair on this day.

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