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why do shrimp need to be deveined

If you've (and ) at home recently, you may have encountered the quandary of whether or not to devein the shrimp. While most recipes call for shrimp to be peeled and deveined (removed of its intestinal tract), there are dissenters, like our very own PartySugar, who has learned from the Spanish that it's completely unnecessary to devein shrimp. So what's the real story?

It depends on the type of shrimp. When cooking with smaller shrimp that have a translucent-hued tract, deveining is unnecessary. Larger shrimp and jumbo prawns often have a dark, sandy intestinal tract. You won't fall ill from eating jumbo prawns if these aren't removed; however, it's recommended that you remove them, not only for cosmetic reasons, but also to avoid affecting the shrimp's clean taste.

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I thought that devening shrimp was a must until I had the best meal of my life in Paris. We got unbelievable, whole shrimp, head and shells on. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to eat them delicately, especially since we were the only apparent English-speakers in the relatively fancy restaurant.

Turns out it s like BBQ, just dig in and wipe your hands later. But the shrimp had the veins in. I guess I had assumed the shells would be split up the back and cleaned, but no. Didn t get any grit in the process, but it was a first for me. So do you always clean your shrimp?? Do guests get icked out???

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