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How is the Weather in New York in December? This post covers December weather in New York City, with tips on what to wear and things to do. December can still be a relatively mild month for temperatures as well as for snowfall. Be sure to check out our post on things to do for. Tips: save money when in NYC with our, and be sure to read our post comparing the
as well as the different. AVERAGE TEMPERATURES So, how is the weather in New York in December? Well, early in December the weather can sometimes still be mild with afternoon high temperatures mostly in the upper 40 s f (8-9 C) with 2-3 days likely reaching into the upper 50 s f even to the lower 60 s f (about 15-16 C). Morning lows during early December tend to be mostly in the mid to upper 30 s f (2-3 C). As the month progresses, the afternoon temperatures fall into the upper 30 s f (3-4 C) while early morning lows dip into the upper 20 s f (-2 to -3 C). On a few of the colder nights and mornings, the temperature will dip down into the mid-teens (-9 to -10 C). HOW MUCH SUN, RAIN, AND SNOW With about 18 days this month offering either sunny or at least partly sunny skies December is still a great time to visit the Big Apple. About 10 days will have some precipitation but only about 3 days, on average, record significant amounts of 0. 5 inches (13 mm) or more.

Snow can occur at times with 2-3 days normally seeing some snow, however, only 1 day, on average, will receive snowfalls of 1 inch (2. 5 cm) or more. Heavier snowfalls of 3 inches (7. 6 cm) or more occur only on about one day every other year. (the image to the right was taken on December 12th, 2013 in front of the Main Branch Building in Midtown Manhattan. Participants from Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Turkey and California). WHAT TO WEAR DURING DECEMBER A couple of heavy sweaters and at least one medium-weight jacket or coat may suffice during the early part of this month. However, as the month progresses, more winter attire will be required, including a heavier jacket or coat with a warm hat and gloves. Warm boots may also be a good idea for any rain or snow days. THINGS TO DO IN DECEMBER The holidays are always a magical time of year, but there is something extra special about spending. The city is absolutely at its best and brightest, and there is no shortage of festive activities. Starting around December 5th you should join us for our (video below) as Midtown Manhattan lights up like no other place in the world! Or, take a tour of the. Related Posts: and A major nor'easter packed with powerful winds unloaded more than a foot of snow across the New York City area Thursday, bringing much of the region to a standstill.

The region has been, with cities and towns getting snow removal resources in place. And it didn't disappoint, prompting school closures, mass transit delays, flight cancellations and treacherous driving conditions. The storm prompted states of emergency to be issued for parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, as officials warned people to stay off the roads. Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a snow emergency for the city, and the New York City Emergency Management Department issued a hazardous travel advisory. Alternate side parking regulations were suspended for Thursday and Friday to facilitate snow removal, though payment at parking meters remain in effect. Public schools were closed Thursday, but they will reopen Friday. PHOTOS: NYC area blasted by winter storm New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for the entire downstate region of the state, from Westchester south and Long Island. His office said Cuomo will not be shutting down the Long Island Expressway, but no one should be driving in Suffolk County, because of extremely poor visibility. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency in Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean and Monmouth counties.

All state offices were closed and only essential employees had to report. The governor urged people to stay off the roads and stay sheltered and warm. In Connecticut, Governor Dan Malloy urged motorists to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. The storm left tens of thousands of customers without power across the region, and. Mass transit also. NYC Ferry service was stopped early afternoon due to blizzard conditions and gale force winds. Two of the three New York City area airports -- JFK and LaGuardia -- were shut down due to the snow. LaGuardia has since reopened. JFK is set to resume flights at 7 a. m. Friday. RELATED: The snow piled up as the monster storm moved up the East Coast, leaving more than a foot in hard-hit areas like Long Island. No part of the region seemed to be spared, though. Even NYC had more than a half foot in many parts. RELATED: As the morning went on, the wind intensified throughout New York City: All eyes now are on the frigid cold temperatures that are following the storm. RELATED: Have photos or video of the winter weather? Send them to Eyewitness News using the hashtag #abc7NY on Twitter and Instagram. * * *

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