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why we need to drink more water

Has it occurred to you today that you are thirsty? Guess what by the time you experience the sensation of the thirst, you are already dehydrated. That thirst is your body calling for re-hydration. So, really, what does this mean? Why should we drink more water? Your body is composed of roughly 60% water. That means when we are dehydrated and most of us spend our days constantly dehydrated to some degree we are affecting the performance of the majority of our body. Nearly all of our systems do not function as well without the proper water intake. If you don t drink water, you will die. It s that important. Depending on our environment, we can live only a few days without water - maybe a week. We can live much longer without food. For most of us, we should prioritize the consumption of water far more than we currently do. Prevent cancer. Yes, that s right various research says staying hydrated can reduce risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50%, and possibly reduce breast cancer risk as well. Be less cranky. Research says dehydration can affect your mood and make you grumpy and confused. Think clearer and be happier by drinking more water. Perform better. Proper hydration contributes to increased athletic performance. Water composes 75% of our muscle tissue! Dehydration can lead to weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and electrolyte imbalance. Lose weight. Sometimes we think we are hungry, when actually we are thirsty. Our body just starts turning on all the alarms when we ignore it. For those of you trying to drop some pounds, staying hydrated can serve as an appetite suppressant and help with weight loss. Have less joint pain. Drinking water can reduce pain in your joints by keeping the cartilage soft and hydrated.

This is actually how glucosamine helps reduce joint pain, by aiding in cartilage s absorption of water. Flush out waste and bacteria. Our digestive system needs water to function properly. Waste is flushed out in the form of urine and sweat. If we don t drink water, we don t flush out waste and it collects in our body causing a myriad of problems. Also combined with fiber, water can cure constipation. Prevent headaches. Sometimes headaches can be caused by dehydration, so drinking water can prevent or alleviate that nasty head pain. Next time your head hurts, try drinking water. Make your skin glow. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Regular and plentiful water consumption can improve the color and texture of your skin by keeping it building new cells properly. Drinking water also helps the skin do it s job of regulating the body s temperature through sweating. Feed your body. Water is essential for the proper circulation of nutrients in the body. Water serves at the body s transportation system and when we are dehydrated things just can t get around as well. Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water (if you weight 160lbs, drink 80oz of water each day). Carry a bottle everywhere with you as a reminder to keep drinking. Eat raw fruits and vegetables they are dense in water. You can get water from food, not just from beverages. Drink water and other fluids until you urinate frequently and with light color.
Drink more water! Hydrate. Blah blah blah. We all know we should drink more water. It s practically shoved down our throats daily. So much so that there s even an app for counting how many glasses you ve downed!

But why do we need to drink more water? Because we re thirsty? Because we re told we need it, that s why. After some research, I learned that hydrating is more important than you might realize and for more reasons. Check out the 10 reasons why you should start your day with one big glass and continue drinking water for the rest of the day. 1. It can make you happy! Think your hormones are making you cranky? You may not be drinking enough. Research has shown that even mild dehydration can negatively affect moods. The good news is that the cure is almost immediate. Chug two glasses of water and feel yourself switch from crappy to happy! 2. You ll look younger Water not only hydrates the inside of your body, it hydrates the outside too. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and drinking lots of water can improve the color and texture of your skin by keeping it from drying out and helping it to build new cells properly. 3. You ll have more energy Water composes 75 percent of your muscles, and dehydration can lead to fatigue, weakness, and dizziness. Water fuels your cells and gives you the energy and strength to kick butt in your workout and power through your daily chore list. 4. You ll be smarter Dehydration can actually cause your brain tissue to shrink. When you don t drink enough water, your brain has to work a lot harder to perform at the same level. Dehydration can also impair your attention span, memory, and motor skills. 5. Your joints will feel better The cartilage in your joints is made of about 85 percent water, and water cushions it and keeps it soft and hydrated. Drinking lots of water will keep you moving faster, pain free, and longer. 6. You ll get better quicker Studies show that people who stay hydrated get sick less often, and when they do they recover faster.

Water boosts your immune system, and drinking plenty of it helps fight against ailments like the flu, cancer, and even heart attacks. 7. You ll be skinnier Your body can confuse thirst with hunger, and if you re like me, you dive for something to eat at the first sign of discomfort. The truth is oftentimes you need water instead of food. Drinking plenty of water can save you hundreds of calories a day. Staying hydrated can also serve as an appetite suppressant simply because it makes you feel full. Try drinking a glass of water before each meal and watch yourself get fuller, quicker. 8. You ll have less belly pain Water in your stomach and digestive tract helps things move along faster. It attaches to fiber in the colon and helps dissolve it and fats. If you don t have enough fluid in your body, your colon will take some water out of the stools, leading to constipation and belly pain. 9. Your eyes will feel better The membranes in your eyes and mouth are composed of and made healthy by water too! The water in your body hydrates your eyes and lubricates them. When you don t drink enough, your eyes (and mouth) suffer. 10. It ll cure your headache Some studies show that up to 75 percent of people walk around dehydrated all day. One of the main signs of dehydration is headache, which could develop further into a migraine. When your brain loses water and shrinks, it triggers pain receptors that give you a headache. Most of us pop Advil and wait for it to go away when we really should be drinking water! Aim to drink a few small sips a minute until your headache goes away.

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