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why do you want to be a resident assistant

1. Why do you want to become a RA? Most students apply becasue they want to get free meals, accommodation and stipend. Or they like the RA role because it offers an easy way of blending into the community, and getting to know the other students. But you should rather say that you want the position
to give something back to the community, that you feel like representing the students, and helping them. You can also say that you try to learn the working habits while studying, and that the RA position is perfect for building a sense of responsibility. 2. Why do you think you can be a good resident assistant? Tell them that you have a good understanding for the ins and outs of life at the dormitory. You can also say that you believe to have the right personality for the position, and good communication skills, and an ability to work independently. Alternatively you can say that you have read the job description carefully, and believe to be a perfect match for the job. 3. How do you imagine your typical week, from the position of a resident assistant? Try to show them that you plan to actively help with social, academic, and personal adjustment of students to the residence hall and University. The key is to simply show that you won t just wait for a phone call, or a knock on the door. Tell them you will participate in the weekly staff meetings, ask students for feedback and ideas for improvement, design decorations, help with organizing events, be always available on the phone, etc. 4.

What is the most difficult aspect of working as RA, from your point of view? The job is not always easy. Sometimes you will answer phone calls late in the night, or you will have to report a friend who had a party in the room. In your answer, you should show the hiring committee that you see the complexity of the position, and that you know it won t be always easy. Tell them that you are ready for all aspects of the job, and that you won t let your emotions to interfere with the decisions you will make from the position of a resident assistant. Depending on the school, and the number of applicants, the interview may become more complex. They can ask you some of the following questions: Why should we choose you, and not one of the other applicants? Describe a conflict you had with another student in the past. How do you imagine combining your student and RA duties? What motivates you in job? Tell us about a goal you achieved recently. What can you improve about this building? The more people apply, the more complex the interview will be. If you would like to learn how to answer the common screening and behavioral questions, and how to win the hearts of your interviewers, check out our. The team at InterviewPenguin. com wishes you good luck in your RA interview! Being a Resident Assistant (RA) is an incredibly rewarding experience for the right person, but it isnБt for everyone.

After all, an RA has quite a bit of responsibility for a college student. Most college students would rather have the freedom to hang with friends whenever they want, to go home when they want, or to study as often and as much as they want. Some, however, for a reason they cannot always articulate, find the life of an RA to be wonderful and exciting! For someone destined for the position, itБs a fantastic lifestyle! If youБve got a good grasp on your studies, youБre an outgoing person, and you love taking on responsibility, this might be a good fit for you. Check out these three reasons you might want to make the decision to be a resident assistant! As an RA, youБll be seen as a role model. Your residence hall, as well as other residence halls, Residence Life staff, and perhaps even some professors will recognize you as such. You donБt mind being in the spotlight every hour of every day. You donБt mind being talked about. You donБt mind attending a party knowing you ll need to be responsible about alcohol (read: abide by drinking laws and/or rules). You enjoy taking charge. You like having people come to you for help despite the hour. Most of all, you know that developing leadership roles is important when it comes to finding a job down the road, and you like the idea of bolstering your resume or having something to talk about in an interview. If this sounds like you, you might enjoy spending a few years of college as a resident assistant!

Resident Assistants have a team of other resident assistants theyБll need to put their trust in. As an RA, youБll be faced with a variety of situations in which youБll need another member of your staff to help you. You may have to break up a loud party, or check in on two roommates arguing, or negotiate with people under the influence of alcohol and drugs. ItБs important that you get along with your staff, and that you use them to assist you when itБs appropriate. Being an RA isnБt about doing it all yourself. ItБs about working together as a team to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who lives in your residence hall! While most of being an RA is doing rounds of the building, conversing with your residents, and doing basic office work, there will be times youБll come face to face with a serious situation. You might have a resident dealing with difficult personal issues, or discover a resident in need of immediate medical attention. While youБll be given basic training in handling these situations, itБs still important that youБre a person who feels in control during an emergency. If youБre comfortable making a 911 call, or stepping in to provide immediate assistance to a resident in need, youБll be able to handle whatever incident is thrown at you! Sophomores and Juniors need money for tuition, too! Cappex can help you! б

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