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why we love someone without any reason

Understanding things is possibly how we want everything to be. After all, we donБt want to look like the naive and ignorant fish in a sea of the most intellectual and developing beings. Usually, we only embrace something when we learn about it simply because we donБt want to make a fool of ourselves. However, life is full of surprises. And occasionally, we encounter questions in life that we know no answers or experiences we canБt fully decipher what we did right or wrong to deserve. ItБs close to falling in love. We love a person but couldnБt get to the root of how, why, or till when. ItБs justБ you do. Sometimes we dwell to the idea as to why we could have fallen for someone who is completely opposite to us. We ask how we could have liked someone who didnБt even crossed half of our ideal boyfriend checklist. But we just do fall in love despite all of it, donБt we? Probably in the middle of the little chit chats in the 15-second elevator ride, or catching interest to each otherБs shameful amount of consumption of coffee. We start to want to see them more than just those 30-minutes of coincidental jogging or want to possibly get to know them more than just graduate school classmates. Then little do we know weБre already starting to fall in love not just by the great company or the unending conversations or the mutual interests, but with the person. And thatБs just what makes love a magical thing.

But despite the great feeling of love, we still ask too much questions and weБll never run out of it. We ask why we love someone not knowing that in between all of it we start to question if we want to love that someone or we just love the feeling of being in love. We begin to ask if itБs not yet the time for us to fall in love, or even ever settle at all. We question too much of all these stuff that makes the simple feeling and happiness all confusing. No matter how things are so difficult to comprehend, sometimes the better option is leaving it be. Because some things arenБt really meant to be completely understood to fully enjoy the feeling. And somehow, itБs because we are a little lost in confusion and stranded in the love zone that we fully enjoy the experience. Love isnБt complicated. People are. We like to think too much, dwell too much and reside too much in the thought of Бhow comeБ instead of just allowing it to happen. ItБs best to leave love be and let it lead you than asking a lot of questions. ItБs inevitable. And we live with that fact because itБs not something we can easily control. If we can, it rids us of living a life full of unpredictable excitement in our journey to a happily ever after.
1. You Love The Way They Smell When you ve been dating or in a relationship with someone for a long time, you come to know what they smell like. You know what kinds of colognes they like, what type of shower gel they use, you don t even mind it when they re a little bit funky.

That s because you can look past all the bad traits and you constantly see the good stuff. You walk into your apartment when they re gone but you smell them and you know that they were just there before you. Smells linger on dirty laundry, on pillows you ve laid on. Scents by themselves don t necessarily make us fall in love with someone, but they trigger our emotions. That s because scents are the ghosts leftover when our loves go away. 2. You Love The Way They Make You Nervous When our loves make us nervous, it s because we feel attached to them. Not needy, but attached. They give us that warm, fuzzy feeling, the feeling you only get when there s an emotional attachment to that person. You re nervous because you care. You re nervous because you want them to love you back. Love makes us all fragile and vulnerable, and nervousness is the way our bodies let us know that we re in that state. 3. You Love Their Laugh We know that laughter should play a key role in any meaningful relationship, but have you ever thought about how you start to laugh like the people you are in relationships with? You love their laugh so much that it has taken over your own style of laughter. But that s only natural. When you re so intimate and connected to someone, clearly you borrow their speech patterns and body language.

Consider it a form of flattery. 4. You Know Them Better Than They Know Themselves Everybody has style, even the people who think they don t care about fashion. Style is the wrapping that makes us want to discover what s underneath, but like smell it is also a kind of ghost. You can be out shopping and see a shirt or a pair of underwear that you know your significant other will love. You instantly have a flash of them, smile all to yourself, and buy it for them because you know them better than they know themselves. 5. They make You Feel Safe When you date someone, they should make themselves available. They have to make you feel like they care, and the best way to do that is to make you feel safe. You feel safe in their arms at night. You feel safe sitting with them at dinner at your favorite restaurant. You feel safe when they take care of you when you re sick. 6. You Can t Imagine Living Without Them There are a lot of reasons people get into or out of relationships. No relationship is ever picture perfect they all have problems. But at the end of the day, no matter what other ridiculousness is going on, ask yourself: can you imagine living without this person? If you stopped talking to this person right now, forever, would you care? If the answer is a big fat no, for the love of God end it now. But if the answer is yes, no matter what problems you have, it s worth trying to work it out.

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