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why we fail to achieve our goals

13 Reasons Why we fail to achieve our Goalsб! #1. Why Do People Fail? They Magnify Fears More Than Their Abilities! It is the fear of failure (also called as atychiphobia) that. Goal setting becomes pretty difficult as most of us are more accustomed into leaning towards the chances that can pull us back than the chances that can push us forward. Fears rob our self-confidence and make us form reasons to not make the move rather than making us focus on our capabilities. But the key to success is to overcome fears and not let them restrict us from taking up challenges. And this is why you need to stop underestimating your abilities and start moving towards the capable self. #2. Excuses
We all have one or the other explanation towards not doing a particular task rather than having a strategic plan towards goal attainment. From the stars that werenБt perfectly aligned to the time that we could not make and the opportunity that did not fall in our lapБББwe can just have some or the other reasons to paralyze ourselves from making the БitБ decisions and not achieve our goals. So, б? Excuses make us fearful and also make us take the required initiative towards goal attainment. #3. Unrealistic Goal Setting It is absolutely right to set ambitious targets for the betterment of your career. You might also have demanding schedules to challenge your abilities. But, as long as your goals are achievable, there is no harm. But, once you start setting objectives that are too harsh on your schedule or it just pushes you towards the opposite side, you self-restrict your positive pathways. However, it is also recommended to have just the right amount of motivation and opt for no such activities that do not help you grow, but in fact diminish your self-confidence.

Try not to work on too many things at once. Goal setting should have clear and realistic targets along with time frames that smoothen your progress. #4. Are You Impatient? Well, you should understand very precisely that there is no good thing in the world that happens overnight. You struggle for it and you achieve it. And this is why people fail most of the times. They are just too impatient when it comes to obtaining better results. So, to successfully witness progress, you need to wait for some time and let there be some space to make it happen. Provide a fair chance for everything to strive. Focus on how far you have traveled. And donБt be demotivated when the progress happens slower than expected or not at all happens. Instead, find out what is hampering the process and work towards improving it. Read More: Many of us, start a new year by setting up some goals. Whether it is about losing weight or start your business or for that matter any other goal. We start with a great enthusiasm but within couple of weeks we either forget about those goals and get back into old styled routine OR simply give up. Next year we start over again and follow the same pattern and eventually year by year we continue to have same set of goals with no achievements. Setting up goals gives us something to endeavor and boosts our self-confidence every time we achieve them. On the other hand, if we fail to accomplish them, it kind of leads us to a guilt of failing. I have observed some of the major reasons which obstructs us from reaching our goals. -Lack of passion many of times our goals are inspired by our surroundings or simply for impressing people around us.

For example, you want to get into a good shape just because others around you are well-shaped or maybe you want to pursue engineering because other class mates of yours are aspiring to be engineers. In persuade of superiority and competition with others, you forgot that it s not that you are passionate about. When we do, something that we are not passionate about, we tend to lose the flow. Just like river can t run out of flow, if we try go against the flow, we lose interest and ultimately give up leaving ourselves in guilt of failing. So, while setting up the goals, make sure you are not leaving behind your own passion. -Procrastination We all do that, isn t it? We often snooze the alarm, give excuses and come up with several reasons for now taking actions. Whatever reason we choose for delaying the action, it only effects our chances of touching the finishing line at the end. -Too many tasks in hand in a book name 7 habits of highly effective people by Dr. Steven R. Covey, he talked about placing First thing First. When we start with lots of things together, we end up accomplishing none. This is simply because, our mind does not understand multitasking. So, when we give number of things to our mind, it cannot differentiate between, what is the most important goal to focus on? Prioritizing our goals and listing them up can help us in focusing on the right things first. When we focus on most important things first, path becomes clearer and easy to achieve. -Lack of Planning there is a famous line by Benjamin Franklin ' If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! ' Planning for the goal to achieve desired goal is as important as choosing the goal itself.

Effective planning acts as a GPS system which helps get us to reach from point A to B. Having a plan gives us direction and helps us in setting our priorities. Not having a plan often result in waste of time leading to failure to achieve our goals. -Lack of Mindfulness Mindfulness is becoming a commonly heard term for most of us. If you still haven t heard about, let me give you a quick impression of it. Mindfulness simply refers to being in the present moment and focusing the task in hand. For example, if you are eating give all your attention to the process, instead of performing several other tasks at the same time, such as watching television, surfing the web or may be answering the emails or messages. Lack of Mindfulness is one of the primary reasons why most of the people fail to lose weight, despite of having a great diet and exercise plan. Because either they are planning the day ahead or thinking of some other things, so there is a discord between their physical and mental presence. While the body is working out mind is somewhere else. This holds true for all other goals of our lives. There is famous line that we often hear When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. There is no such thing as over-night success; patience, discipline, consistency and a zeal so as to reach out to our goals and bring lasting changes. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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