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This is a list of VHS appearances of the. Esther. The Girl Who Became Queen (2001 Lyrick Studios Reprint)
/ / / / / / /King George and the Ducky/Esther. The Girl Who Became Queen/ Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn/ Rack, Shack and Benny/Josh and the Big Wall/Lyle the Kindly Viking/The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown (2003 Classics Reprints; with the 10th Anniversary byline) The Doom Funnel Rescue! (2003 Reprint; with the 10th anniversary logo) Esther. The Girl Who Became Queen (2003 Classics Reprint; with the 10th Anniversary logo) Where's God When I'm S-Scared? /Dave and the Giant Pickle (2004 Classics Reprints; with the 10th Anniversary logo) / / On the VeggieTales tapes Sumo of the Opera and Holiday Double Feature, the Big Idea logo is larger.

On the latter tape, there is a cross-dissolve to from the video and text to the logo. A 10th Anniversary variant was created where the logo at the end is altered in some way. There were two versions of this. An earlier variation uses the standard logo with the text 10th Anniversary and 1993-2003 appearing stacked below it. On the 2002 reprint of VeggieTales: Rack, Shack Benny, the text lines aren t stacked and are instead placed side by side.

The other is a special version of the logo. The logo s text is encased in a stylized golden box. behind it is a golden ring with the words 10TH ANNIVERSARY curved inside the top part and a sunburst within the hole. Below Bob and Larry is a curved banner reading 1993-2003. There is a longer version of this bumper. Here, several video frames fade in and out, one at a time, showing various children of Big Idea staff members; below each box is a caption showing each child s name, age (at the time they were filmed) and relation to the staffer.

Afterward, the text Why we do. and What we do. fade in and out just like in the shorter version of the logo, and then the Big Idea logo fades in and out. The children are: Daniel (age 2, son of artist James Breckenridge) Sarah (age 2, daughter of artist Joe Sapulch) Michelle (age 10, daughter of customer service rep Jill McWilliams) Andrew (age 1, son of marketer Ben Howard) Alejandra (age 2, daughter of co-founder, writer and voice actor Mike Nawrocki)

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