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why do running shirts have thumb holes

THUMB HOLES в FUNCTION OR FASHION? We are seeing thumb holes on long sleeve tee shirts and on jackets. So are they just a funky fashion or do they actually serve a purpose? I lost myself in an extended Google Search to see what the world has to say about the thumb hole or, thumb holster, as I found some are calling it. We found multiple sites for hikers, climbers, and cyclists praising the thumb hole/holster for keeping the sleeve from riding up during their activities. Cold weather sports enthusiasts say the thumb hole in the long sleeve tee makes it easier to layer garments over the tee without the sleeve of the tee bunching up (one person called that an armpit wedgie). They also praise the thumb holster for preventing exposed skin at the wrist above the glove and below the sleeve of a jacket or coat. In the last several years the extra-long sleeve, as is found in the tees with the thumb hole, are in fashion; especially with the younger generation.

I found one fashion article that referred to them as "hobo mitts". So I guess the answer to my original question," Function or Fashion? " would be yes both! So what about in scrubs? We would say again the answer is yes, both function and fashion. Healthcare apparel has always followed street clothes fashion trends and believe it or not, the thumb hole may even have a practical use in the health care field. We have all worked in that hospital or office that has the A/C set on Arctic Freeze setting, so a little bit of extra coverage is a welcome thing. I was surprised to see how easily latex cloves slip on over the extended sleeve to form an additional barrier for protection.

You can find an assortment of Tee Shirts and Jackets with the functional and fashionable thumb holster on our site by typing the word "thumb" in our search tool.
Do you think the thumbholes are why this top is $180? Nike has a few tricks up its sleeves to get you to think a product is more "premium. " One of these tricks? Add thumbholes, industry website reports. "You have this belief, and you price it at what you believe the consumer will pay," Jeanne Jackson, Nike's president of distribution and merchandising, said at the company's investor meeting. "We're getting a little bit more scientific about it. We're spending time doing deep analysis. We recently just did one on shorts, where we literally looked at every short in our competitive space, did price value equity studies with the consumers, had them tell us what do you think this one's worth versus this one, what details on the shorts make it worth more," she added. "An interesting one on tops is we suddenly discovered in tops that if a top has a thumbhole in it, the consumer perceives it is a premium top.

So we're getting a little bit more scientific about what those features and benefits are that the consumer will perceive as worth more money," she added. The thumbhole philosophy may seem mockable, but this strategy is obviously working. Nike is the in the US. It has to become the brand most loved by teens, according to a recent survey executed by Piper Jaffray. Another trick up Nike's sleeve? Having the most advanced technology. In September, the company introduced its, as well as new apparel with cooling technology. Quite simply, no retailer has caught up to Nike yet.

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