why does it hurt under my right breast

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It s now over 4 weeks since the troubles first started. The last 2 weeks the pain has been a bit better and mainly under the arm area and top of the breast.

The temp has been still there, as have dizzy spells but overall I have felt a little better. Today I went back to the Dr. All blood tests etc have shown nothing and there are no lumps nor does it feel like a blocked duct. She has decided to put me on AB s incase it is mastitis - even though it s not showing in the typical form. If it s no better in 3-4 days I have to go and get a breast ultrasound done. Tonight however my right boob is AGONY - feels just like normal mastitis and it hurt to feed DD. It has never done this the whole time.

I m now wondering if it has been mastitis all the time and the AB s have stirred things up? Or else maybe I do just happen to have a bit of a blocked duct today because DD only had 3 feeds and in the previous few days she s had a few comfort feeds because she s been quite sick with an ear infection??? There is no obvious blockage and no redness on the breast though. Temp is the same as what it was this morning (37. 6) ARGH - when will it end? I m sick of waking up several times a night in pain because I ve rolled over onto my side. If it is a feeding problem weaning DD seems pretty tempting atm.

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