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At job interviews, you have to work quite hard to communicate your motivation levels with the employer. This is because the motivation level of each and every candidate is verified. In other words, an experienced interviewer picks up even the slightest signal given by the interviewee. 1. What is said. 2. How it is said. 3. The body language of the interviewee. The question вwhy would you like to work in customer serviceв is among many otherВ. After reading this article, you can continue reading the following:? Why Working In Customer Service? Here are two answers to compare. Which of the two would you rather hear at a job interview?

Why customer service? вВ Answer 1: ВI like dealing with customers even though many are irritating and irate. However, I do realize that my job depends on the customersв satisfaction and therefore I make a big effort to satisfy them. вВ Answer 2: ВI love dealing with customers. I really enjoy the interaction with people and find no problem answering even the most trivial questions. I get a deep sense of satisfaction when solving problems or helping customers out in one way or another. As you can see, the second answer is full ofВ
В and sounds better than the first one. It starts with a very clear statement and strengthens this with several more affirmations. вВ Why is the second answer better?

В It gives a clear impression of a highly motivated person who provides high standards of customer service. The speaker shares one of his innate values when stating, в I get a deep sense of satisfaction helping customers. By speaking about your beliefs, you partly address the question, вAre you the sort of person we can work with? в On the other hand, the first answer is an answer from a person who may provide good customer service but only because s/he is forced to. We all know the irate/irritating customers, but job interviews are not the place to volunteer your views about them.

Teens interested in a particular line of work can get first-hand knowledge and experience about the industry through early employment opportunities. For example, an aspiring nurse may apply for a job as a hospital desk clerk, while a would-be mechanic could look for employment booking appointments at an auto body shop. In this instance, a good interview response is, БIБm very interested in going into this field as an adult, and IБd like the opportunity to start learning more about it as soon as possible. Б

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